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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by BBailey182, May 9, 2018.

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    Bandits have had a losing season 4 out 6 years under Chugger, 3 out of 5 under Troy. The house needs to be cleaned out. Also, the goaltending was atrocious. No need to sugar coat it.
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    Budd -- I said this on April 15, 2018. I expect my royalty check any day now. :cool: :D

    Also, Vaughn Harris came over in a deal with Calgary, not Georgia. And did Buque really fly in from the West each week? He's listed as being a Whitby, ON native and his Twitter handle lists that as his location.
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    Yeah I was trying to figure out what goalie was west coast based?
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    Buque is definitely Whitby native.....I played in a beer league with his dad many years ago, and, some evenings watched him play zone games and nationals as a peewee-aged tender.....then later as the Junior A Warriors starter.
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    Meanwhile, my annual different type of season review - more of a week by week summary - has been posted at http://banditshistory.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-2017-18-season.html. That site also has the usual collection of odd stats about the team and league, that this crowd sometimes finds interesting. As always, thanks for your interest.
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    Good article.

    It's depressing to see how far this Franchise has fallen. No losing seasons between 2000-2011.

    But under Pegula we only had 2 winning seasons in the 7 years he's owned us.

    But it's not just the Bandits. The Amerks had 3. The Sabres had none. And the Bills are 1/3

    6/24 total.

    I am just baffled that it's been this bad.

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    I think that he just wants to brag "hey, I'm a big league team owner, look at me."
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    These statistics in regards to Pegula are mind blowing. It can't be coincidence that all his teams have been this bad. I applaud him him for everything he's done for the city, but as an actual owner of sports teams, he's awful. Statistics don't lie. The latest proof of his ineptitude is having his wife take over as president of the Bills and Sabres. As if it wouldn't be in the best interest of the franchises to actually hire a qualified person for that job. If Terry was paying any attention at all to the Bandits, he would clean house. And, that includes Loffler.
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    I don't have an issue with Kim as president as long as she's not making roster decisions.
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    But given the lack of success they've had, wouldn't it make sense to try something new and hire a president that has some say in personnel?
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    But wasn't THAT the issue everyone had with Russ Brandon and the Bills?? That he had say in personnel (I'm guessing you mean rosters, draft, trades, etc.)?? Fans and the media didn't like that at one point.

    The team president should hire the GM and then get out of the way when building the team on the field/ice/floor.
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    Russ Brandon was part of coaching/GM searches and also in draft "war rooms". He had some say in hires and personnel decisions IMO. How is Kim qualified at all for these kinds of things? Lets just say hypothetically that it is strictly a business role. Still, you can't tell me there weren't better candidates to run the business end of things.
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    You do know she has a degree in marketing and has had success in that area as well, right?
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    From what I've read, it was former GM John Butler that was highly encouraging Brandon to be in the room for the draft and roster discussions. Kim isn't qualified for that and it was never clear whether she would be in room like Brandon was. But as a team co-owner, she can be there and who is going to tell her no. Maybe they will hire someone eventually from outside to run the business end of things but it will likely take 1 or 2 more losing seasons to convince them of that.
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    We need to hire Sam Hinkie?
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    No because idiot Buffalo fans would start saying trust the process
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    Holy caps lock.

    Yes I was defending Pegula on the Amerks message board. And never did I say that Pegula haters are idiots.

    Yes. The Pegula era has sucked thus far. I am dissapointed at how things have went thus far.

    However I have also used phrases like trust the process. How George Steinbrenner struggled with the Yankees in 1970s and 1980s before turning them into a power house in the 90s and 2000s. (Also mentioned how Robert Kraft struggled with the Patriots before finding Tom Brady, how MLSE struggled for a decade etc...) Rochester’s Knighthawks 2 year drought with Curt Styres

    Pegula provides a financial advantage to Buffalo Sports that Golisano and Ralph Wilson did not provide.

    Hopefully the Pegula era will get better for the Bills, Sabres, Amerks and Bandits.

    I posted a poll on Sabresfans.com asking if they wanted Peglua gone. They unanimously voted no (94-6)
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