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Discussion in 'BCLA Forum' started by coachcam, May 27, 2012.

  1. coachcam

    coachcam New Member

    A buddy and I are heading to BC on tuesday night to watch 5 games in 5 days starting on wednesday. What lax related stuff is there to do also what should we go and see when we are there?? I am really really looking forward to going to eat at Green's and Beans Cafe.
  2. Crabman19

    Crabman19 Active Member

    The lacrosse HOF is always a good place to check out. Are you making it over to the Island for Friday's game in Victoria vs the Tmen?
  3. coachcam

    coachcam New Member

    Unfortunatley not this time. Next time I come for sure though
  4. Windstorm

    Windstorm Member

    Queen's Park Arena has some interesting photos and information on the walls in the lobby... if you're catching a game there, you can just check it out before the game starts. Can't think of much else to be honest.
  5. Crabman19

    Crabman19 Active Member


    If you get the chance post and tell us how your stay on the left coast has been going for ya!
  6. theSloth

    theSloth Member

    These 5?

    Maple Ridge_________New Westminster
    New Westminster____Burnaby
    Victoria____________Maple Ridge

    My boy and I will probably be at the Langley Coquitlam game, maybe the Burnaby New West game.

    I think that Crooked Arrows opens in Richmond, Jun 1, I'm hoping to see it right away.
  7. NDparker

    NDparker New Member

    If you're looking for food, hit up Burger Heaven in New West. Best burgers you will eat in a long time....
  8. lacrosseblogger

    lacrosseblogger New Member

    Actually, the burgers they serve up at QPA on game nights are awesome...
  9. wla-fan

    wla-fan New Member

    I hope you went to the game in New West. Queens Park is a must if you are doing a lacrosse trip.
  10. coachcam

    coachcam New Member

    Saw the following:
    Langley VS Nanaimo: Iannucci's goal was sick and Ranger all alone in front of MacDonald was a HUGE highlite

    Burrards VS Bellies: Burrards took it to New West. Was my first time seeing bubba and dam did he impress. Mind you so did ammesty(spelling) What a great tilt.

    Bellies VS Lakers: I was very very impressed with what I saw from Burnaby. They just didnt let up all game. Gajic borthers are amazing to watch.

    Langley VS Coquitlam: Would have been nice to see Dobbie and Billings and Lewis play but still very very entertaining

    Burrards VS Shamrocks: Vic looked very impressive more so small and shattler. Wish the refs wouldnt get involved so quickly in the fights.

    Had an amazing time at all the arenas. Everyone treated us with class and I cant wait to come back. We met some amazing people. Was awesome to visit with Kyle Goundry and Rob Williams of the Burrards. Those are 2 great guys and great coaches. Queens park burgers before the game were awesome. Best food by far without a doubt GREENS AND BEANS DELI in New West.

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