Matt Roik, Player of the Week

Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by Stormin' Bob, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Stormin' Bob

    Stormin' Bob New Member

    Matt came up big time against Colorado with 52 saves and has been rewarded by being named the NLL's Player of the Week. Way to go Matt. That's two weeks in a row for the Storm with Casey Powell being named last week. And There was a nice article in Lacrosse Magazine about Damien Davis and life in the NLL.

    Two Players of the Week, Rookie of the Week, articles in Lacrosse Magazines, two game winning streak and still in the playoff hunt with only two weeks left in the season. There goes the neighborhood. Stormville was such a pleasant, quite place. What's the Professional Indoor Lacrosse World coming to? Even Ben Knight is saying the Storm "are playing much better, but a major roster overhaul away from contending". Evil Empire Lacrosse also named Matt the Player of the Week, identifying him as the goalie of "The floundering Anaheim Storm".

    Well guys, you just keep on floundering for three more games(and with a little help from Colorado), you'll be contending for the Champions Cup. This Storm fan will take the roster just like it is. You've worked hard to get this far, and now that things are coming together, you've got three more games to prove everyone wrong. Go for it.

  2. NLLStormCA

    NLLStormCA New Member

    I love that guy...he is soo awesome...
  3. Schad

    Schad New Member

    That has to be one of the ten greatest goalie performances in the history of the league. Unreal! Well deserved nod, for once.,
  4. SGAstumpJ

    SGAstumpJ New Member

    That was amazing

    All right, I admit it: I was wrong. I was calling for Roik's head on this board a few weeks ago, but he showed us all what he's capable of in Denver last week. Hope he can keep it up. It's a lot easier to win when Casey doesn't have to have a 7-point night every time out. If Roik can stay hot these last couple weeks, that should be all we need to sneak into the playoffs.
  5. storm_q2

    storm_q2 New Member

    Roik played a great game and deserves his Player of the Week award, but let's not get carried away. I was there, and most of his saves were routine rather than spectacular -- lots of long shots, weak shots, and shots at his chest. Your D deserves a lot of credit.

    Having said that, good luck with Minny and we'll do our part on Saturday. It would be exciting to have the last playoff spot in the West come down to a home-and-home.
  6. SGAstumpJ

    SGAstumpJ New Member

    Thanks, but please take care of your end of the deal against AZ. You beat them and you just might get another shot at us in the (in Jim Mora-esque squeak) playoffs?

    Playoffs? I still can't believe we can talk about that seriously this late in the season. This is amazing.

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