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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by wingsfan20, Feb 10, 2018.

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    He called it a "really big" upcoming TV deal.....and not a streaming deal but a TV deal. Maybe a Comcast owned property?

    Smaller future Canadian city could be Halifax. There have been many rumors about Halifax.
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    I'd say that you're right with the TV deal, but TSN in Canada had a contract two years ago so they might re do that as well.

    For the Canadian city Halifax is definitely up there but could also be Quebec city.

    The thing that makes me suspicious about Halifax is that the city should be getting CFL and CPL teams by 2020-2022. So adding a lacrosse team in the same time frame sounds pretty hard to generate a STH group. Especially since they're building a stadium for football / soccer.

    Edit to add:

    My reason for quebec city is that they have the largest arena in Canada with out a major sports league. They really want NHL back but maybe looking to add lacrosse to show the NHL that they can still fill the barn.
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    Someone needs to ask him about why attendance is dropping this year. We can talk about expansion all we want, but when almost every team is seeing a big dropoff in attendance it's time to start looking at how to retain the fans we do have. It starts with depussifying the league. The amount of bullshit calls in the Hawks/Rock game last night was infuriating. When two players are pushing each other around a little bit theres absolutely NO reason to stop the game and give them both a 2 min penalty. It destroys the flow of the game. F*ck the direction this league is going.
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    penalties should only happen for a) dangerous play, b) cheating to steal a scoring chance.

    fully a third of the penalties over the last five seasons could have been possession calls or non calls.

    this year has been a bit better in Toronto home games at least.....letting the men play, preserving the flow.

    last night was a lot worse than most I have seen this year.
  6. penalties like that are to control the game, if things are getting out of hand and players are jawing back and forth these type of penalties are the refs way of clamping down on the bull$hit and put a lid on it so it doesn't boil over
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    Thats more than an NLL problem. Most sports are seeing a decline in attendance.
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    And just the opposite happened in the Bandits/Swarm game. The refs let them play and called few penalties. I think the most frustrating thing is the lack of consistency between refs and what is called.
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    very few penalties in Buf@Rock, Roch@Rock and NE@Rock......Buffalo had a couple of scraps, but none of those boiled over.

    Truth be told, the biggest shitshows I have ever seen in NLL or CanLaX all started off as over-called games. When the refs add to the frustration, the powderkeg ignites more quickly.
  10. Most refs want to let things go and "let the players play", battling in the corners and only calling things that are a concern to player safety. But a lot of this comes from a feeling out process, who is playing who, which coach is on the bench, rivalries, past games experience. If we could let every game be a "no hitter" as we call it when the game sheet reads 0-0 for PIMS we would but its just not realistic.

    often by the time most fans (and even refs) realize a game is reaching a breaking point its already too late. if you watch closely you'll see a couple softer calls happening (in games where the temperature is rising), this is the ref sensing the tension and trying to calm the game down. sometimes tho the game gets more rough and tumble and the refs continue calling soft penalties to try and show the players they are tightening up but by this point the fuse is already lit. Anyone who has played, coached or reffed knows "when the boys wanna throw down the boys are gonna throw down, aint nothing gonna stand in their way" (my old coach used to say that)
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    I think there's just too much for over all sports attendance. For example Edmonton has CFL and NHL and both. The esks are either 1st or 2nd in attendance and the oilers are always in the top ten.

    Toronto has NLL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFL, MLS, and rugby league. Even though Toronto area has 4-5 times the population there is so much variety that all the leagues can't do well at the same time. So in Toronto the NLL, CFL, and this year MLB will suffer a bit until hockey basketball and soccer aren't doing as well
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    just curious, I dont need positive ID if you prefer to remain somewhat anonymous, but, do you ref at elite level, like NLL, or the Canadian elite leagues?

    I am not sure I agree that a soft call will cool anything down.......

    I mean, if someone has given me a titanium shaft tattoo and gotten away with it, and then later in the same shift, I get sent for something soft, well......I think I am going to come out of the box looking for someone's scalp.

    i know you guys do not (cannot) see everything, and that there is a fair bit of subjectivity in how much is too much.....

    Id just prefer that you would err on the side of a possession call vs a minor, and a minor vs a major.

    even then, only vicious, only if it costs a scoring chance.
  13. #MaketheMapleLeafsSuckAgain

    (I have no reason to lie on the forum) Ill admit that I am NOT an NLL official but im not willing to divulge any further then that.

    I agree that soft calls are what often causes the pot to boil or "scalps to be hunted", and I also agree that at this level (NLL) erring on the side of possession vs minor and minor vs major is the best way to keep the flow of the game.
  14. RockStar

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    FWIW, I have done the job at low level (house leagues up to bantam).

    It is harder than any non-practicing fan would ever believe, and, just doing 25 whatever games of this slow, kid stuff , I have a real appreciation for someone that can mostly call good games at the elite levels.
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