MLL in Buffalo?

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by kashino, May 22, 2010.

  1. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    I know this is a Bandits, NLL forum but it is a Buffalo forum as well so I just wana ask people what they think about Buffalo getting a MLL team. I thought i heard something about Buffalo thinking about getting a team but im not positive. This would awesome if we got one. Alot of "lacrosse" people around here in High School, College, and in general all together.
  2. Sniderfan

    Sniderfan New Member

    Great idea....but it failed in Philly, hopefully Buffalo wouldnt follow.
  3. SabreBandit

    SabreBandit Member

    I'd be all for it, question is, where would you play? All High?
  4. bontasaur

    bontasaur Member

    I'm watching MLL now. Toronto and Chesapeake. BDS just laid someone out. I love this.
  5. Herbavor

    Herbavor Active Member

    Close enough to make the drive to Toronto, and you can also catch some MSL Indoor action as well with Six nations, KW etc.
    Can Am is around as well so ther eis Lax out there under a 2 hour drive.
  6. Rax the Mascot

    Rax the Mascot New Member

    I can't figure out why Buffalo is not on the radar for the MLL. Buffalo has the best indoor fans, if you could get a third of them to come out for the MLL they would be one of the top draws in the league.

    As for where would they play, Coca-Cola field could be used for lacrosse or UB Stadium. Heck there is not much happening at the Ralph in the summer, and Denver's team plays in an NFL stadium.
  7. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    haha why do you think i posted it. Was watching the same thing and was like hmmm
  8. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    Well i remember when i heard about it, i swear i heard they would build one in OP. Theres a Soccer complex that has enough space for one but im not really sure. That is a good question tho. Never been to All High so i dont really know what its like there
  9. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    No need for All-High, Canisuis College has a Lacrosse field on campus. Not sure what it holds, seating wise. Maybe even get Randy Mearns as the Head Coach, he has to be on campus anyway!
    I just looked it up. It holds 1000 in the stands and 150 in portable seats.
    BTW, what would 80,000 lacrosse fans sound like packed into the "Ralph".
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  10. mechaphil

    mechaphil New Member

    Probably akin to an army of viking berserkers :D

    I'd think a Buffalo MLL team would do quite well, to be honest.

    Wouldn't mind seeing the NCAA lax tourney here, as well.
  11. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    thought of that but no way. You would draw more then that i would think. And Mearns is the college coach, no way he'll coach an MLL team too. If your thinking College fields or even HS, you could do Buff St, Orchard Park, Amherst, UB. And if we could get 80,000 lax fans in the Ralph, OMG, haha. I dont even know how to star explaining that.
  12. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    Same problem with the NCAA lax tourney, where would you play. BUILD A GOD DARN LACROSSE STADIUM or something along those lines.
  13. mechaphil

    mechaphil New Member

    In order for there to be a lax stadium, there needs to be a bigger lax presence. In order for there to be a bigger lax presence, there needs to be a lax stadium. And on it goes forever.
  14. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?
  15. boozinjedi

    boozinjedi New Member

    In the early days before the MLL started,they had an expo-type of game out at the ballpark,forgot what it was called then,Didn't draw that much of a crowd,
    Also a reason whey I think it won't work here....Didn't a team flop out in Rochester and wind up moving to Toronto?

    Besides I'd rather see some indoor lax,I remember going right over the border to watch the Gamblers play....I would sweat my balls off just sitting there!!
    those barns got hot!!
    Still got my Gamblers jersey!!
  16. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    Buffalo was on the "radar" hosting the first MLL tour (3 teams USA and Nationals). Game was played at Dunn Tire Park. Did not draw well.

    If the got a team UB may be a good site sicnce they have the old football field and the stadium.
  17. Rax the Mascot

    Rax the Mascot New Member

    The Rochester team didn't flop, it got caught up in the mess Steve Donner created in Rochester. They were drawing very well in Frontier Field, but then got booted about because they were tearing up the grass, so they moved into a high school stadium and were drawing about 3,000-4,000 there. They then moved into then Paetec park and things feel apart from there. Donner ran out of money for his teams, attendence for both the Rattlers and Raging Rhinos fall because they built a stadium in the hood with almost no parking. If the idiots in Rochester did not build a stadium in a bad section, or did not build a stadium at all, and the Rattlers stayed at Frontier Field they would probably still be in business.

    And after a year you did not need to go to the Falls, they played in the HSBC Arena. I still have my Paul Gait jersey. Darris was a player/coach, Richie was player/GM, Steve Toll was on the team, Whipper was the goalie till he took a ball in the face. I remember in the playoffs the Gamblers trying to go in the stands after Brampton fans. Walking out the players who were scratched chased the Brampton fans out of the building telling them they were going to kick there ***. There was like 2 security guards on duty and they had their hands full.
  18. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    if that's the same game I am thinking of, I think there was a heckler behind the Buffalo bench and that same guy spit into the bench area and at one time reached over the glass, causing players to reach back over and almost hop over the glass.
  19. kashino

    kashino Active Member

    When was that game played anyways? And I think if you give it a chance, itll pick up around here and do very well. You cant just play one game and expect it to do well. Its a process
  20. ledzepp4858

    ledzepp4858 Member

    I dont think Buffalo would draw good crowds. Id love to see a MLL team in Buffalo but i think all the people who would actually go to the games would be busy with their own summer lax schedules.

    Also if they had a team in Buffalo i could see them play either at Canisius or OP field, OP field has been drawing some larger events like home field for the Buffalo Womans pro soccer team.


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