MLL increases salary cap by 51%

Discussion in 'MLL Forum' started by TofuBomb, Sep 17, 2018.

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    OK, so where is the league getting the money for the salary increases?? Their overall attendance was down again this year (and would be alot worse without that one Denver game on July 4 that 20,000+ people in the stands) and 33% of the franchises average under 2,000 people a game.

    Their worst attendance numbers are for games early in the season so if they're expanding the schedule that way, it's not going to pay off.

    Where is the money coming from? If they increase ticket prices, are people going to pay to watch?
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    Yeah, I was curious about that too. Also, what will the new contracts look like in dollars per year, and how does that compare to the NLL?
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    if a pro lax league could get mll sponsorships and nll gate receipts, we could all retire.
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    I guess we all now know it's to keep players from moving to the PLL... The MLL will cease operations shortly after the decade
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    The other sorta important factor is so that the NCAA finals weekend is finished before the start of MLL season.

    Isn't it awesome when your marquee high round draft picks can actually turn up for regular season game 1!?
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