MLL updating brand, logo

Discussion in 'MLL Forum' started by chuckster, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

  2. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Why not reveal the new logo in a press release about a new logo? :confused:
  3. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Let's see how much symbolism they can pack into a logo. The NLL has set a high bar for that. o_O
  4. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I always liked the existing MLL logo but also the old NLL logo. Maybe I am just getting old. Then again, I don't see "The Shield" of the NFL changing any time soon.
  5. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I like the old NLL logo way more than the current one, and I don't think the MLL is bad either. I'm curious to see what the MLL produces though.
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