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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by BBailey182, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Really? How insulting. The coaches have done a "tremendous job"???? Does Chugger really expect people to believe that?.....Also at the end of last season he said almost the identical thing regarding "had they just won one more game". Hey Chugger, here's a thought, win 5 more games next season! Man has the bar been lowered for this once proud franchise.
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    Therefore, netminders Alex Buque, Dave DiRuscio and Zach Higgins will be available in the draft.
    “I like all three guys,” Dietrich said. “There’s a chance we’re going to lose one of them. I’m comfortable with any two coming back."

    Seriously? He's comfortable with the year these guys had? How does Chugger still have a job with an outlook like that??

    Given that comment and his comment about the coaching staff doing a "tremendous job" in a season they didn't make the playoffs really makes me think the Pegula Sports really doesn't care how this team functions......they just care about making a profit. Sad.
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    In more than half the games this season, the starting goalie got pulled, yet Chugger is comfortable with either two of them returning. How are fans supposed to react to hearing this? If everything remains status quo, I will become the proud driver of the "Fire Scott Loffler" bandwagon.
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    Get used to mediocre goalies for the next bunch of years all around the league. Expansion has its cost.
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    The answer because PSE owns the Buffalo Bandits along with there other sports holdings and that is the game plan with the Bandits wait it out until the men in charge win or it gets so bad people stop coming. If it gets to people stop coming the Bandits risk becoming like the Buffalo Blizzard and Buffalo Destroyers. Because PSE doesn't care about the Bandits just wait it out until PSE strikes oil so to speak no pun intended with there sports teams they own just luck into winning finding the right person to lead the team. But there is really nothing that can be done from a Buffalo fan point of view because PSE isn't selling the Buffalo teams unfortunately for the Buffalo fans nothing we can do but hope the incompetent people in charge get lucky when ever that is. As a Buffalo Bandits season ticket holder since day one I no longer believe in the Bandits current management people in charge. Even if they won a championship next year then they failed for another ten years not making the playoffs after does that make them good management of the Bandits? No of course not there incompetent. I get through PSE Buffalo teams by also owning UB season tickets to football and basketball where it is just more fun all the way around to be a Buffalo fan. You give money donations you feel like it is more your own home town team. Watching the UB field house go up is fun I go by it weekly knowing UB is going to win for generations because of it having a small roll makes a Buffalo fan feel good. Where there is more control if a coach fails at UB they get bought out of there contract unlike the Bandits incompetent people like Scott Loffler are there for decades of failure like former Bills president Russ Brandon. Because UB today wins unlike PSE Buffalo teams that is why I don't care if the Bandits move anymore it just means I save money by not buying Bandits season tickets out Buffalo civic duty so to speak in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
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    The Buffalo Bandits won't be in the NLL that much longer if they continue to fail yearly in the NLL standings because of poor goalies and bad defense in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
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    It ranks right up there in the History of Bandits BS with the "we traded a 23 year old Chris Corbeil so we could get younger" excuse.
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    At least with that there was the behind the scene truth that Chris had told the team he was playing hockey for the up coming season. It was only the NHL strike which forced many young players back into the minor leagues which took away the spots a player Chris would have gotten that changed his mind.
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    Looking at Corbeil's CIS numbers, I have my doubts that he'd have had a long career in the minors and might've been in the SPHL at best. I understand pursuing your passion and whatnot, but I think he made the right choice going with lacrosse over hockey.
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    If I can play devil's advocate for a moment, I'd like to point out that Chugger said "I'm comfortable with any two coming back." He didn't say "I'm comfortable with any two coming back and starting." Perhaps he's okay with the two of them in camp, and acquiring a legit starter, with one of the other two guys as the backup?
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    Man... you're saying UB football is a winning program? One conference championship in decades. I was a student there for it, it was cool, but they're not a winning program. UB basketball had a nice season, one. This past year. Enlighten us on how UB is a winning program when they are one of the biggest losers in the NCAA.

    You hate PSE but if it weren't for them, the Sabres would have been gone and the Bills would have followed a few years later. You mention decades of failure, none of which PSE was a part of. PSE fired Russ Brandon, previous ownership should have fired him over a decade ago. Pegula did it, albeit after promoting him. You say you don't care about the bandits anymore or other PSE teams because they don't win, don't let the door hit ya on the way out pal. Fair weather fans that don't realize they're fair weather fans are the worst.

    I will agree with you that when teams aren't winning, you should not pay to go see them. It doesn't mean you aren't a fan, it means you wont support losing. It means you have standards. Buffalo fans are the worst at that. What incentive does ownership have to build a winning team when he is selling out stadiums and arenas and has a waiting list for season tickets for a losing team? If they want people to show up, build a winner.

    UB is a winning program.... haha that's the joke of the day.
  13. AmericanRockFan

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    I wonder if Buffalo Sports Fan wants the Bisons to end their affiliation with the Blue Jays.
  14. fandit

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    Not me! I'm fine with it. I do wish the Jays were better, but he affiliation works for the clubs.
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    It certainly makes the most sense geographically. Not sure what else would be a good fit for them, especially with Syracuse switching to the Mets next year.
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    He would likely go ape sh!t insane if Pegula bought the Bisons.

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