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Discussion in 'Ask a Titan - Ryan Boyle' started by MCO Titans, Feb 4, 2010.

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    When we found out the Titans were moving to Orlando, we found some of your videos on Inside Lacrosse filmed the year prior while in New York. Any chance of getting some new "behind the scenes" videos from this season available for viewing?

    My wife and I enjoyed the videos as it gave us just a little insight to the players we are seeing on the carpet at Titans home games. We would love to see some more.
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    Thanks for checking out the videos! I had a lot of fun doing them for IL and I think they were well received. We tried to give you a behind the scene look at our preparation and at some of the colorful personalities on the team.

    I would love to do more and I know that other guys on the team would be willing to do so as well. Talk to Inside Lacrosse, the Titans, your local congressman or state representative and let's make it happen!

    Ultimately its up to them what they want to host on their sites. I do some occasional blogging for my company Trilogy Lacrosse, but it usually revolves around one of our instructional events (or a trip to a NYC restaurant). They are hosted on our homepage,, or on our Facebook page.

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