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Discussion in 'Orlando Titans Forum' started by RockyNY, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Yup, I know its LATE, Its 12:30am as Im typing this, and I had long day. Im working on this on very little sleep but thank god Im off this week due to Passover hoilday. All of my fellow Jewish NLL fans, Happy Passover.

    Yes, I must included this, for those that do celebrate Good Friday and Easter. Happy Easter to some of you. Im not sure when Easter is but I know when Passover come, its Easter around the corner.

    Anyway, my day started when I got up at 6am. I only had 6 hours of sleep since I came home from Newark at 12mid. I didnt even bother to check the internet at all until NOW. I took the train to NY Penn Station where I took the train to Market East Station, as suggested by my friend, Robyn. Some of you met her today around the arena.

    Robyn and I are deaf. I met her at Gallaudet University, 15 years ago, in the dormority when we were waiting for our own Valentine's date to arrive. We were waiting for our rides to come. I was on double date with girl and our friends. Robyn was on her own. We chatted and agreed to see each other on campus. You have to understand that Gallaudet University is small school (1800 students) and everyone knows everyone. We never dated. We just saw each other at various point on campus.

    When I graduated in 1996, she graudated in 1997, we lost touch. We finally found each other on facebook and agreed to meet, after 12 long years. We agreed to go on date. Thats how our day went.

    At the Market East, we walked to Coti place located at 12th and Walnut St. We spoke for hours since we havent seen each other for long time. After that, we took the train to Patterson. We got our tickets where I ran into Hollywood42. As I told him, that I was with Robyn because I want to show her good time. Thats how we hit it off. When we got inside the arena, we got the sideline pass from Titans organization. After the game, we ran into Doctor, wife and daughter. Then we went downstairs to VIP area into Titans locker room.

    Thats where the fun began.

    We went inside the locker room to have fun. I stole Casey's sneaker and hide it somewhere and he went bonkers looking for it. He knew I did it as Robyn laughed. It was fun to see players and coaches in the locker room. I want to thank Titans organzation, once again, for treating me and Robyn, a great time, and inviting us into the locker room. Robyn and I had fun.

    After that, we took train to Walnut St and we walked around Downtown Philadelphia before we say good bye as I got home at 12 15am. Robyn and I agreed to meet again in June once NLL season is over. Robyn grew up in Philadelphia so it was perfect for me to go and see her and have fun together.

    I dont know what will happen to both of us after this. I would like to invite her over to NYC since she hasnt been to NYC over 10 years so Im going with flow. Whatever happen happens.

    We didnt drive to the game because we knew parking lot was going to be jam packed with too many activites so we took train to the game.

    Now, Titans have clinched the playoff spot meant one more Titans game for me, but the question is = WHERE?!? If Titans finished 1st or 2nd place, that game will be at Prudential Center, according to Mark Ford - NY Titans President, but the dates will be set once we know NJ Devils playoff schedule.

    Once again, big thanks should go to NY Titans organization for treating me and my friend, Robyn, a great time today.

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    Glad you had a good time in Philly. Maybe we'll see you in the playoffs.
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    Happy to hear that Roy had a great time back in 2009. I hope to have some pretty sick long lost love story like this one day when I'm in my mid-30s if I'm not married by then.

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