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Discussion in 'New England Black Wolves Forum' started by dougm, Mar 2, 2018.

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    i have been a fan of the nll since it started as the eagle league back in the late '80's. my view on crawford when he first appeared was great tools but he won't be the star but makes other players the star. he has that jordan hall - now there is a player you guys really miss - air about him. it is a "don't worry, we'll get it done approach." what i see missing on the wolves is an inability to break a bad string. i know you guys came back and beat the stealth twice that way but bragging about beating them does not amount to much. the momentum thing is odd considering you have thorimbert winning faceoffs so you have the ball in your crosse, but you don't take advantage of it. if evans has one mark against him, and i am going back to his days in rochester, was that when the game seems to slip, he just goes off on his own. sometimes he'll get you a hat trick but often it is a bucket of penalties, missed shots and unable to get off the floor. callum is a steady hand that i think they are hoping will bring back competent confidence to the team. but for the trade to work, we need to see the buchanans back to their usual selves. i want oconnor back from last winter as well. crowley and evans are taking way too many shots which is allowing defenses to sleep on the other guys. but here is my rub, why did lisk give up the pick as well only to get back a 2nd in an expanded nll? shawn is signed for a number of years and crawfford is a ufa. it is a risk that he may not resign and then what? the long term risk is with NBW so why not get the first in return? further, team as a whole is playing about 50% from what i expect. i love colton and i guess he made trading burns for leblanc doable but i wish we had them both. but you can't ignore a backend that has given up 24, 21, 18 and 19 goals in their 4 losses. i see two things on that...shooting is terrible and we must lead in missed shots on goal. a missed shot is almost as good as an outlet pass. defense is holding its own vs set offenses but teams that can run on you are doing just that. lots to fix and its not just evans.
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    Player for player, it was Evans for Crawford and pick for pick it was a ME 4th rounder for a BUF 2nd rounder in 2019. Sure, Evans has the contract but couldn't Lisk sign Crawford to an extension and keep him from being a UFA? We don't know details yet about UFAs in the expansion draft but if Crawford goes unsigned, Lisk could do a back room deal and sign him as a UFA if Crawford can't be picked by SD or Philly. I bet there are some perks to playing for a team owned by a casino that could be enticing to a guy like Crawford that he won't get anywhere else.

    If Evans wasn't stripped of the C, I would question why NE got rid of Evans. But something was going on with Evans that led to the C being removed and Lisk may have needed to ship him out to keep the team from going off the deep end. Maybe Lisk asked for a 1st and Buffalo countered with one of their 2 2nd rounders in 2019 and Lisk bit for it to get rid of whatever Evans was bringing into the room? We'll never know the true reason why the trade was made but NE got a big righty forward who can distribute and a 2nd rounder for getting rid of what might have been a huge distraction in the room.
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    The interesting thing is that if something was going on behind the scenes, which I imagine it was but I obviously can't say for sure as I'm not in the locker room, then it's pretty impressive that New England was able to get such a quality return for Evans instead of just getting 2-3 random players or draft picks.

    Nonetheless, this trade could really signal the beginning of a big run or a big demise for either Buffalo or New England's season in the coming weeks.

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