nall early season mess -- errie resembleness of the pll

Discussion in 'Other Lacrosse' started by dougm, Dec 22, 2012.

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    I'll believe it if it came directly from the Kingfish website or Facebook page.
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    Who thought ri could support this?

    As I said a while ago when RI first announced. It is a pit of a state that is deeply corrupt and deeply in debt...who in the frig thought RI would be a good place for a team? I realize they are trying to create regional rivalries and cut travel costs...but I say again...and my Dad was from Providence. IT IS A PIT!

    Who thought this was going to work? Really dumb move. I don't think this league will work either mind you...but the other locales have a better shot than RI?

    Suffice it to say I will NOT be traveling to Marlborough for the Rockhoppers either. I hate to be that way...but I was willing to drive 2 hours from Maine to see Dan Dawson, Kevin Bucanan, Mitch Belisle. But can not justify the added hour more of travel for such a low level of play?

    Really sux without the NLL. My kids whine about it every time we hear the Blazers intro music, which my daughters hockey team is using. While it brings back great memories of nights at the leaves me sad as well.:cry:
  5. R.I.C.H.

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    This league, is as pro as MILA.
    Glad R.I.C.H. has indoor lacrosse to watch but don't get your hopes up for quality and don't get attached to one specific team, it might be gone as quick as it came.
  7. JCJarhead

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    My rant!

    Rich: I think I may have offloaded the rant of which you spoke?:D

    Couldn't help myself...just so bummed out about Boston and the NLL. I remember at one point the Blazers had spoken of returning...I have not heard much about that lately? Many of us predicted that this messaging was likely overly optimistic.

    Can anyone confirm that the Blazers have officially given up?
  8. Relentless

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    now the NALL is looking at rochester?

    why go to a market that has had trouble supporting it's NLL team over the last few years?
  9. Laxwizz

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    I don't think the NALL will be around in 2014.
  10. phiwings

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    It's not trouble supporting the Knighthawks, it's the fact that the previous owners had papered the arena and now Styres isn't doing that.

    JCJarhead- They haven't given up yet...2014 is now the return date, with new ownership...maybe...
  11. JCJarhead

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    Thanks for the update phiwings!

    I "hope" that the Blazers do return...although I think it unlikely.:(

    Someone smart once told me hope was a lousy right they were!

    Good luck to your Wings this would be great to see them back in the thick of the NLL. That would be fitting for a club with such a deep Boxla heritage.
  12. phiwings

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    I'm hopeful they return to the Boston area (really, I hope they go back to TD Garden, but with Jacobs owning the place, and he being the main reason that the Blazers suspended operations, I doubt it). I'm thinking they may head to Worcester and play out of the DCU Center.
  13. theSloth

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    I coined the phrase.... 'Hope is for suckers.' I'm not well known for my optimism.

    Although.... I have some hope, they'll somehow cram an NLL team into the LEC......
  14. thwingfan

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    Which would bring the Blazers full circle as they started in Worcester in 1989. Fun pair of road trips in 1990 (especially the Championship Game).
  15. ParrotBayTaz

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    Never been there. Didn't WWE head honcho Vince McMahon own it for a brief time?
  16. R.I.C.H.

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    They'll either be back or not. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. If they do make a return in this area, I don't expect it to be at STD Garden (Yeah, I've been calling it that since the Blazers got booted out). There's a handful of other options in New England: DCU Center in Worcester, Tsongas Center in Lowell, Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence. I might email Doug about what the situation is.

    If the NLL returns to our neck of the woods for 2014, I'll still follow the Rockhoppers if they stick around, but also get my consumption of the New England-based NLL team, the <insert team name here>.
  17. InLaxWeTrust

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    I am at Verizon a lot to cover Monarchs games and it is a perfect NLL arena. About 10,000 seats and lacrosse is gaining popularity in New Hampshire. I think it would have been a better arena for the Rockhoppers but they had reasons behind a smaller arena. If the Blazers played in NH and called themselves the NE Blazers, it could work out.
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    i hope to god they dont end up in worcester, i am not sure whats a bigger shithole the city of worcester or the DCU center. i would rather see them in manchester,NH atleast then its a bit more of a modern arena the DCU center hasent really had any work done to it since bush # 1 was in office
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    Not a good sign...

    Well, my hotel room is in Enfield CT very close to the MA border. With the NALL season starting up, I see that there are two teams that I could plausibly see home games for: the Boston Rockhoppers and the Rhode Island Kingfish.
    • Google Maps says 76.5 miles, 1 hr 17 min to New England Sports Center, the "Boston" home arena in Marlborough MA.
    • Google Maps says 90.7 miles, 1 hr 43 min to Boss Arena on the URI campus in Kingstown in southern Rhode Island to see the Kingfish.
    Both distances are fine - I'd have no problem for forking over the time, ticket money, and gas to see the new league in action.

    Getting tickets to the Boston Rockhoppers seems easy enough, but this is what they say at the Rhode Island Kingfish site:
    The boldface and ALL CAPS is theirs, not mine.
    Can you believe that?

    Meanwhile, who the eff is "Anthony"? He's not listed anywhere else on their site that I can find. Are they serious?! Suppose they actually sell 1000 tickets; is this guy supposed to get several hundred phone calls? Calling this guy to get tickets seems like I'm trying to call my dealer to get my "fix". I have zero sense of assuredness that my "ticket" means anything so, for instance, that I'd get a refund if something went wrong and the game was cancelled.

    I hate to use phrases like "bush league" or "joke", but what am I supposed to think? The adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is right on, and this has definitely set quite an impression on me.

    This is what this tells me: They hurried this franchise to get it ready floor-wise just to have 4 teams in the league. I almost think that there's no seriousness behind it because that franchise should have delayed a season to get all of their franchise infrastructure in place. Pressure definitely must have come from the league itself just so they'd have four teams. Of course, they will most likely lose money, but, with a ticketing arrangement like that, they are destined to lose money because guys like me who'd be more than willing to make the effort to drive and see a game won't simply because I don't want to "Call Anthony".

    I hope to catch a Boston game, but I won't bother with Rhode Island as long as that's the ticketing scheme. Maybe I'll have a change of heart...

    Of course, not only does this reflect on the franchise, but also the league itself. Sadly, I feel this also disrespects the players who probably do want to do their best including the two Canadians who, I assume, are traveling in to play.

    I really am open-minded and am willing to support the league, but, overall, despite my hope and optimism, this is not a good sign from this league.

    And, finally, capitalize "Kingfish"!

    EDIT: To make matters worse, the Kingfish schedule doesn't even have game times for the home games, but they do have them for the away games. They didn't mix it up either.... Their first game is in three days. Absolutely ridiculous! It's like if famed Z-movie director Ed Wood owned a team.
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    for all the zaniness that is the nll, i give you the ball/pll...
    only guy out there who knows what to do is that kentucky stickmen owner....

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