New Arena for Saskatoon?

Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by Riders78, Mar 21, 2018.

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    would be really big to have an nll featured arena. first of its kind.
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    As long as they don't do what's going on now and have a deal that the minor-league hockey team (WHL's Blades) get the first pick of dates.

    I'm not anti-downtown arena but I really question it happening soon. The first question is where do you put it? An ideal place would have been the place where they decided to build the new police building, but that's out now. The only place I can maybe think of is the parking lot across from TCU place, but in order for it to work with the convention centre like they want, you'd have to tear down the current TCU place, and maybe the current location of Toys R Us in order to build a giant parkade, and have skywalks connecting the three.

    The other hesitation I see is when the city goes to the provincial government asking for money. They're in deficit now and they want to get out as soon as possible. After overspending on the new Mosaic Stadium in Regina, I doubt there's going to be an appetite to fund another arena project with money from the province.
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    How old is the SaskTel Centre? In what condition is it in?

    As much as Saskatchewan may be in the red, it's a growing province with Saskatoon leading the way. As the population expands, the corresponding new tax dollars should help with the infrastructure including a new arena if necessary.
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    It's in alright shape from what I understand, but it's definitely dated having being built in 1986. One of the things that they've talked about is concerts and how they're getting less and less of them because the roof on the building isn't able to handle lots of the rigging systems that come with those productions. And getting through the concourse at a packed event is a nightmare. It was renovated at some point to put in corporate boxes at the top of the lower bowl, which in turn took away about 30% of the space available on the concourse. It's also on the outskirts of the city, with only two ways in and out for most people, so traffic getting in and out of the arena sucks as well.

    The Saskatchewan/Saskatoon economy definitely isn't doing great at this point. The oil market has tanked so work in that field has gone way down, and several of the potash mines around the city which are major employers have completely stopped production or significantly halted it with a bunch of layoffs. In turn, this has hit the construction industry pretty hard. The real estate market has taken a hit too - If you bought a house between 275K and 300K even 3 or 4 years ago, to sell it today you'd be taking a 10-20K loss on what you paid for it.
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    You are right about the concourses. The Rush games in the last few years have really highlighted to the people of Saskatoon how narrow the concourses are. When its a sell out or near sellout of 14-15000 people it gets very difficult to move anywhere on the upper or lower levels.

    People are getting better at travelling to the games. There appears to be a traffic plan and lots of people take buses to the arena especially from different pubs across the city.

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