new ownership for the Ducks & the Pond

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    Samueli Family Completes Purchase
    6/20/2005 Monday

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – Henry and Susan Samueli announced today they have officially assumed ownership of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, following approval by the National Hockey League (NHL). The Samuelis first announced their intentions to buy the team on February 25, 2005, when they reached an agreement to purchase the club from the Walt Disney Company.

    “Susan and I are thrilled to be the new owners of the Mighty Ducks,” said Henry Samueli. “We want to thank the Disney organization for working in close and cooperative partnership with us to finalize this transaction.”

    “Aside from being owners, we are fans first and foremost and can’t wait for the upcoming season to begin,” added Susan Samueli.

    “The Samuelis have made a passionate commitment to hockey, to the Mighty Ducks and to the community of Orange County,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. “The National Hockey League is pleased to welcome Henry and Susan, and we are confident the Mighty Ducks will flourish under their ownership.”

    In addition to their interest in the Ducks, Henry and Susan Samueli also own Anaheim Arena Management, LLC, the company which operates the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. The Samuelis are also active and generous philanthropists who have given their support to many important charitable causes within the community.


    maybe this may bode well for the Storm to return to Anahiem ?!!!??
  2. Meathead25

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    The GM of the Mighty Ducks?
    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Brian Burke!
    In a recent quote about the team and his style of management:
    "Our players are very well compensated for what they do and we expect them to act in a professional fashion. There are certain ways that we do things, and if players are not happy with that, we will find somewhere else for them to play."
    Translation: "It's my way or the highway, baby!"
  3. Dave S-C

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    Actually, this was his exact attitude towards the fans usually (re: re-signing Bob Essensa)

    I was never a big fan of Brian Burke when he was here - but I did get to meet him once during a season tix meet-and-greet and got to field a couple of questions to him (no one wanted to ask Marc Crawford anything). His responses to all our questions improved my opinion of him grudgenly somewhat. He's not afraid to speak his mind on why he does things the way he does but he's very firm set and convinced in his direction on running a club.

    His weakest aspect is finding suitable goaltending.

    But you are correct in your "my way or..." observation - his style is definitely business concern first, player and fan concern second.

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