Nhl signs letter of intent to sell coyotes to ice edge holdings

Discussion in 'Arizona Sting Forum' started by Delster, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Delster

    Delster New Member

    Friday, 12.11.2009 / 6:15 PM / News NHL.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    DECEMBER 11, 2009

    NEW YORK -- National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly issued the following statement today regarding the proposed sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Ice Edge Holdings:

    "The NHL and Ice Edge Holdings announced today that they have entered into a Letter of Intent to proceed in attempting to document and close a proposed transaction pursuant to which Ice Edge would purchase the Phoenix Coyotes' franchise. While much remains to be done, the NHL looks forward to working closely with Ice Edge to bring the sale to conclusion as expeditiously as possible. Ice Edge has committed to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, Arizona."

    Maybe we could get lucky and have the Sting resurrected.
  2. I realize this stinks for Sting fans in Phoenix, but I wonder if they'd move the team to Saskatoon? With Ice Edge planning to hold Coyotes games there, it would make sense to have PR/ticketing staff there.
  3. Delster

    Delster New Member

    Except for this part...

    "... Ice Edge has committed to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, Arizona."

    Glendale is adamant about keeping the team (or at least getting a truck load of money if they do leave), and it seems the league is on their side as well.
  4. Fetter

    Fetter Active Member

    I hope Arizona does come back. Gotta even up the west with the east!
  5. Yes but Ice Edge Holdings, wants to hold 5 Coyotes' games per year in Saskatoon as a way to prop up the team. Plus the team moving I meant was the Sting, not the Coyotes.
  6. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    Were the sting even included as part of the sale?
  7. I assume so. During the bankruptcy hearings they kept mentioning the Sting. I can't see the NHL hanging on to the Sting, while they got rid of the Coyotes.
  8. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    Someone has to find out. Since when this whole drama was playing out in the courts. Jim B's bid DID NOT include the Sting. They never said anything about the NHL's intentions as far as I know.
  9. I didn't think the Sting could be portioned off. I thought it was an asset of the company and would have to be dealt with in one way or another. I had emailed Ice Edge in September suggesting what I mentioned above and had no response, so I dunno.
  10. Rids

    Rids New Member

    If the Sting were owned by the Coyotes then Big Jim's purchase of the Coyotes would've included the Sting.
  11. Buffalo Fan

    Buffalo Fan Member

    But are the Arizona Sting active dues paying members of the NLL still that just sits dark? I know the Buffalo Bandits were apart of the Buffalo Sabres sale. But the Buffalo Bandits were a active playing member of the NLL at the time the Buffalo Sabres were bought out of bankruptcy by Tom Golisano.

    Arizona Sting have been shutdown for a long time now do they still exist just inactive? And if they do then they would still have to be paying member league fees. And I wonder about that because the Phoenix Coyotes weren't floating around with money to pay fees to the NLL I wouldn't think? Maybe someone knows that? I always assume after a year or more dark you are gone for good in any sports league? Let's Go Buffalo
  12. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    On the Mammoth Forums, Govett said:

    Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:13 pm
    "At this time I do not see any folded or suspended teams returning, my understanding of the new rules of the NLL are that those teams have been terminated."

    I asked a follow up, seeing a bit of clarification specifically on the situation with the Sting & Coyotes.

    Govett's response:

    Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:33 am
    "Although difficult to fully understand, and because of bankruptcy proceedings and legal issues, I can't comment fully, the Arizona Sting were terminated prior to the bankruptcy of the Phoenix Coyotes, therefore they have no claim to the franchise. The Sting situation is unique because the Coyotes always claimed that their rights to the franchise continued, and therefore included the lacrosse team in their bankruptcy filing, the NLL position was contrary to that, the rights to the franchise had lapsed."
  13. AZStingFan

    AZStingFan New Member

    I have asked the league office twice what the official status of the Sting frnachise was. They have refused to respond. Apparently they do not give a crap about AZ fans.
  14. Slinger 120

    Slinger 120 New Member

    I sent a message to Doug Moss of the Coyotes and he said once the situation was finalized a status would be made public.

    Of course that was awhile ago.... and I have stopped thinking the Sting are coming back.
  15. Delster

    Delster New Member

    Well, I know for a fact that the carpet has been given away, and in pieces. To me, that spells it out.
  16. AZStingFan

    AZStingFan New Member

    How do you know that "as a fact"? The carpet was an asset of the Coyor=tes and could not be given away unless authorized by the bankruptcy judge or since the BK exit, the NHL.

    Do you actually have a piece of it?
  17. Delster

    Delster New Member

    I spoke to someone who does.

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