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Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by rigger1, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Game 2 was a big improvement on the game in Rochester. Defence played well and kept Small off the score sheet. He has had some big games against the Necks in the past.. Shuss had a big night and I'm sure Frankie would like to have a few of his outside shots back again.. Limited Duch to one goal.
    Really liked what I saw with Currier.. he was very aggressive on the forecheck and stole the ball several times deep in Stealth territory and also showed his scoring touch in flying fashion. (must be watching Dickson a lot!)
    Dickson, Dobbie and Berg got the monkey off their backs and scored their first goals of the season. Nice to see Cattoni and Loewen get hat tricks on the right side, along with Dickson on the left. Nice balance.
    Harnett left the game with what looked like a hand or wrist injury.. anyone know how he is?
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    some of Schuss scoring was eerie, like, there was no windup and almost imperceptible motion leading to the ball flying to somewhere the goalie did not have covered.

    if he is hitting his spots with shots like that, there is no defending that.

    the big credit goes to Sciliano and the D for stopping the Stealth's rally cold down the last stretch.
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    Yes, a bounce back after getting hammered last weekend. However, only won by 3 against what is likely the worst team in the NLL in the Stealth. They started Belenger again who let in 4 goals on 11 shots before being pulled for Brodie MacDonald who should be the Stealth Starter. Stealth might not win a game in the next little while. As for the bounce back, I'll wait and see how the next for games agains the Mammoth, Buffalo, Georgie and the Rush go.
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    Well, new fan, that day has come and we will see what the Necks can do against the Mammoth. It's brass monkey weather here in Alberta and I hope the Necks warm things up a bit! (also hope my truck starts after the game!!) I've been impressed with Currier in the games I've seen him. He and Bell really put a lot of zip into the transition game. Offence is getting more productive and if defence plays like last game I like their chances.. I will also be interested in seeing how Scott Carnegie responds to his return to the Roughhouse in an opposing uniform.. There must be a story there... He leaves and his brother is no longer the captain of the team??
    Go Roughnecks!
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    Well rigger 1 the bounce went the wrong way tonight. As much talent on the Roughnecks as there is on the Mammoth. Single and biggest difference is coaching. The Mammoth have 3 great coaches and the Roughnecks have zero.
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    The Mammoth have 3 great coaches and the Roughnecks have zero.
    You have a good point there New Fan.. especially true of the offence. I have no huge concerns with the defence. They played pretty well and kept it close for a lot of the game. When Benesch got a look, he buried it. He had a great night... McLaughlin was setting hard picks and creating space for himself and getting nice looks too.. Simple lacrosse!
    I have been concerned for a while with Digby's play. He is not being used very effectively, imo. Seems a bit lost out there and not using his size to create much space for himself or others... not blaming him, as you say New Fan, the system is from the coaches. He seems to be on the periphery way to much and planting roots!
    Ward is a top tier goalie for sure but it was 'Be nice to goalie night' for the Roughnecks last night and they made him look even better by continually hitting him in the logo! Frustrating to watch.. On another note, up until the last minute of play, the Roughnecks were in real danger of setting a new team record for offensive futility having scored only 5 goals! Two late goals when the Mammoth defence was in garbage time mode was the only reason they got seven.. the score really flattered the offence! (is that even possible with a 7 goal performance?!)
    Enough said... changes are needed!

    also, very glad to report that my truck started up and I got home safe and warm, but the walk to the parking lot was FREEZING!!

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