NLL commissioner seems like kind of a jerk

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    FWIW, our constitution is mostly based on systems from France and England. After a few quick searches:
    The English parliament party with the most members generally has their pick named PM, by the monarch, aka Queen now.
    The French have multiple parties, but 2 major ones. First vote open to all accepted candidates. If no on gets a pure majority, there is a runoff between the top 2. Of course they only have 67 mil people. I cannot see a second general election date working in the US.
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    Just like all of those republican protestors starting riots and beating people up at..... oh wait, that was the other guys. They aren't crazy rationalizations, just facts which don't care about feelings.

    In all seriousness, the only people upset about winning the popular vote but losing the electoral college are the ones who either truly don't or just misunderstand how the election works. As I said before, in this particular year Dems scored extra votes in areas they were already going to win because those areas had higher turnout due to their strong feelings. Hence the popular vote victory. Rather than focusing on areas that were up for grabs, they focused on areas they were already going to win. Reps focused on these swing states and states ignored by Dems, and won. See the blue wall and Wisconsin. Really came down to mismanaging her campaign. Also didn't help Dems that African American voting was nowhere near what it was in 08 and 12. had they turned out, it probably would have been a different result. Below you can see the difference between 2012 and 2016 election maps as well as every election map since 1952. pretty interesting stuff.

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    Update: Tinder girl has invited me to go apple picking in Bristol.
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    Let us know if you get some nice Honey Crisp.
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    There might certainly be some Golden Delicious on the horizon.
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    Damn you matched with manti teos ex gf?
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    Isn’t that who you and W4L Eiffel Towered after the Wings last home game 4 years ago?

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