NLL investigating Rock for tampering once again

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by mtbf, May 13, 2006.

  1. Jeb

    Jeb New Member

    Glen was still under contract with Philadelphia as a player until
    A) he retired
    B) August 2nd.

    The Wings have/had the option of designating him a franchise player until August 1st
  2. DW_23

    DW_23 New Member

    Hear is an idea that none of you have said,maybe they talk about him being the coach before is whent to the wings. when he was still with the Rock,and if that is the case then Phily cant say squat about it.But if the Rock agin was tampering then the league needs to drop the hammer down on them Hard
  3. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    Not being, by any stretch of the imagination, a legal expert, perhaps someone can explain to me the staus of a "playing" contract when a player retires. And does anyone know for cetain when Glenn retired & how that information was conveyed to his team and the league?

    And...I guess, after all the discussion on this message board about the "clear-as-mud" Duke incident, I find it hard to believe that people here still feel the need to assume that, because BW did something in the past that he must have done the same thing again. The eternal optomist, I guess. I guess I hope he has learned fromt he previous incident involving T. If he has not, then the league needs to deal with this accordingly. the comedian who thinks it is even remotely "amusing" to make jokes about using my Veltman as part of any sort of "compensation" deal.......... :mad:
  4. Chilehead

    Chilehead New Member

    Don't get :mad: , get even ! ;)
  5. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    And you know I have the resourcefulness to do that... ;)
  6. nll101

    nll101 New Member


    Glenn would have to file papers with the league to advise of his retirement otherwise he would still be under contract. the wings have something here as the league would have had to APPROVE the paperwork and announce that he retired.
  7. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member


  8. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    "This show depicts the actual capture of potentially dangerous criminals. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law..."
  9. riley

    riley New Member

    Where did this information come from about a tampering charge? I haven't seen anything in any newspaper article.
  10. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    NLL does not air its dirt untill it has to. could be as far off as draft day when you notice some Rock picks now held by the Wings. With no press release from the NLL.

    Remmber the NLL plays to the 80% of the "fans" that do not follow the sport closely not the 5% of the die hards
  11. rocksolid

    rocksolid New Member

    Not true. The Terry Sanderson tampering incident involving Buffalo and Toronto was reported in the mainstream media when it happened.
  12. Wing Eater

    Wing Eater Active Member

    Actually it was initially reported that the Bandits "traded" Terry Sanderson for a 1st and cash, then when a few of us said that doesn't make a lot of sense the bubble burst and they people finally acknowlegded that it was from tampering. And to be honest I don't think the league ever officially came out and stated that it was tampering, just the teams involved.
  13. rocksolid

    rocksolid New Member

    It was reported in the Canadian Press. The tamering charge was never followed through with because it was settled between the teams. The league only gets involved in they can't work it out. You guys need to put your consipiracy theories away if anyone is ever going to have any credibility in these posts. Here's the link to CP story:
  14. riley

    riley New Member

    I think this whole thread is wrong. Hiring an active player off another team's roster isn't necessarily tampering. Its been done before. Darris Kilgour was hired as coach of the Washington Power off the Albany roster. There was no tampering then. Its the same here.

    Tampering only involves going after another team's coach to coach, or going after another team's player to play, but not going after another team's player to coach.
  15. sallypants

    sallypants New Member

    If thats true, the NLL is pretty sketchy.

    Brad Waters interfered with another team while the player was still under contract. That distrups the other team just like he did with Buffalo except it was a coach.

    Its slimey but Brad Waters is know for undercutting people and robbing them blind.
  16. Frozen Tundra

    Frozen Tundra New Member

    I disagree. Veteran players like Glen Clark should be allowed to freely pursue coaching opportunities without having to worry about whether his team is going to give him permission to talk the interested club. The rule is good and fair. No one is going to entice a player to coach and unless he is ready.
  17. rnsykes

    rnsykes Active Member

    Then whats the point of signing a contract. If that were the case, everone would just play where they want to. If he filed for retirement, ending his contract with the wings, then all is good. If not, he breeched his contract.
  18. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    Depending entirely on the wording of the contact perhaps?????
  19. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    And the NLL waves its magic wand and *poof!* the issue disappears into the miasma of NLL dealings and is never heard from's Wednesday and still no word.
  20. rnsykes

    rnsykes Active Member

    Yes, certainly depending on the wording. maybe it was written into his contract that he would be able to pursue coaching opportunities, but I can't imagine the wings taking action without throughly readin the contract, but I can't imagine the Rock contacting him illegally either. I think meathead is right. The world will never know.

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