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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by Rottenrocker, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Rottenrocker

    Rottenrocker Active Member

    Basically their version of NHL Gamecenter.

    $34.95 for a full Season Pass

    $29.95 for a Team Pass

    $4.95 for Single Game Purchases

    All games will be available on demand 24 hours after they air. Apparently it goes online tomorrow.
  2. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    This one has more details --

    Anyone can watch games for free after 24 hours.

    And because this is the NLL and they can screw up a 1 car funeral, says the single team pass is $24.99 and says it's $29.95. :rolleyes:

    There are discounts for team season ticket holders. I liked free better through YouTube, ESPN3 and Fox Sports but $35 max for the full season of live lax action is still pretty good. Let's hope the streaming platform is good.....I can't tell what other live sports events that Sportsrocket does from their website. Hopefully, it's more than some college dude with a server in his parent's basement.
  3. k-hawksfan33

    k-hawksfan33 Well-Known Member

    If the quality is up to par I'm completely fine paying $30 but i can 99% guarantee you its gonna be the same **** feed we've been getting these past years. If thats the case I will not be happy paying $30 to watch a black screen while some uneducated announcer tries to guess what's happening.
  4. wacklax

    wacklax Active Member

    Price points are good
  5. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    I'm wondering if this will have an app or be able to used via a PS4.
  6. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    I'm in. Cheap entertainment for a guy whose closest NLL team is 400 miles away.
  7. Rottenrocker

    Rottenrocker Active Member

    I asked this question earlier and haven't gotten an answer back on it yet. Hopefully it will be.
  8. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I would also assume it's a shitty jumbotron feed. At least it's free after 24 hours.
  9. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    A plus looks like you get about 1/3 off if you're a season ticket holder of any NLL team:

  10. Rick716

    Rick716 Active Member

    About 2 or 3 years ago, they changed $30 for a full season for the NLL Live package, so the price is fine. I would imagine Colorado will still have some games on Altitude and Toronto some through TSN. The feeds are usually fine from Buffalo, Toronto, Calgary, and Colorado. Rochester, Vancouver, New England tend to be weaker/inconsistent. It has been getting better slowly each year. Hopefully that continues.

    I still wonder if they are trying to get a package on real cable such as CBS Sports, NBCSN, or one of the Fox or ESPN channels. It's always been the biggest question with the league as to why they can't get something on real TV in the US. They are at the level where anything is better than nothing. There's Drone Racing on ESPN!
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  11. BenDMitchell

    BenDMitchell Member

    Yes, there will be a Roku and Apple TV app
  12. GoodsOnSabres

    GoodsOnSabres Member

    I will pay for it if it's not jumbotron feeds.
  13. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    100% chance it is going to be jumbotron feeds
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  14. BenDMitchell

    BenDMitchell Member

    I don't understand this bashing of Jumbotron feeds. Yes, it is not ideal but isn't it better than not seeing the game at all? I would be happy to pay for Jumbotron feeds if the other option is not watching the game at all.
  15. mcdoleg

    mcdoleg Member

    Paid streaming will not bring in a single new fan. It only alienates current fans. Great job.
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  16. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    While it is better than nothing, I find that in some arenas they don't always concentrate on the action on the floor. I want to see the faceoff or a quick replay of a close goal, not some 6 year old stuffing his pie hole with nachos.
  17. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    I most likely am going to purchase. I haven't checked out the website yet.

    I am a little concerned about "subject to blackout restrictions". So, let's say I am godawful sick and can't make an NBW game here in Connecticut. I guess I'd be screwed. I'd like to see blackout restrictions lifted for season ticket holders for that reason alone. However (and this is something I just don't know about with the Internet), how would they know where I am physically located when I use the app?

    I wonder if one can get gift subscriptions. This would be a great gift subscription for my grandson in Missouri. He plays lax and is now getting into box so, who knows, maybe he will be an NLL player one day!
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  18. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    In the past, "blackouts" referred to if a game was carried on ESPN3 or Fox Sports Go or TSN or YouTube, you could only watch it on those platforms. The NLL hasn't had a blackout policy like the NHL or NBA where it's based on location. You *should* still be OK under your scenario that is location based......unless the NLL switches to the NHL/NBA model which would be stupid in their case.
  19. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    Blackouts apply for Colorado Mammoth home games in Altitude Network territories and in Southeast Asia (ASN TV markets.) In most cases games will be available without exclusion 24 hours after event completion. Additional local team blackout policies may apply.
  20. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    I love to hear things like this.
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