NLL Pick 'em 2013

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  2. 1sttimelongtime

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    And the wheels fall of the wagon.....

  3. the doctor

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  4. Rock Rulz

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    5/11 Rochester
  5. tshirtboy

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    Just got tickets to the game. I am less than 20 minutes from the arena but I am actually disappointed that I cant do a road trip to Everett for an over nighter! I feel bad for the Stealth STH and even casual fans, lousy luck.
    On the positive side I get to see 3 guys from my high school field lax program, Beers, Salt and Garrison. Go Charles Best Blue Devil Alumni!
    Anyone else from the Pick'em contest going to be at the game?
  6. dougm

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    chris hall continues to be the best coach on the nll......

    stealth 15
    khawks 11

    mvp - duch
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  7. LaxBandit

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    Saturday, May 11 - NLL Championship Game - Rochester over Washington.
  8. Wings-4-Life

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  9. k-hawksfan33

    k-hawksfan33 Well-Known Member

    5/11- Rochester @ Washington, 4pm

  10. fandit

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    Langley ....I mean Washington!
  11. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Yeah, baby! My first perfect week! :D
  12. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    And we finish with a tie!!!

    Congrats to k-hawksfan33 and shawn house, who both went 45-34 this year. :cheer2:

    I think this went very well. It seemed to have moderate interest. I'll run it again next year, but it will end after the regular season. A lot of folks disappear once their team is out.
  13. tshirtboy

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    Thanks for doing it W4L. I think I bottomed out at 16-25 after week 9 but managed to go 29-9 afer that. Kind of a weird season I thought. very unpredictable. thats what makes these things fun. Hats off to Rachacha. Seems like the Final is often a good, close game. Looking forward to both Mann Cup and Minto Cups here in B.C. this year. Likely see lots of NLL stars. Anybody from the boards coming in from out of town, PM me and I can show you around.
  14. MCO Titans

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    Amazingly enough, this was also the last game of the season (except that it was not really @ Washington).
  15. Rock Rulz

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    Thanks Wings-4-Life it was a good time!!
  16. Wings-4-Life

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    There are the official final standings. Hope to see you all back next season!
  17. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    Thanks for running this W4L!!

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