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    I agree 100%, I just would not be surprised if it did happen...
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    Even at 9 teams there was a major drop off between the top half forwards/d and the depth half.....not to mention that not every team had an A- or better goaltender.......

    Going from 9 to 13 means 44% more player and 44% more goalie jobs...... Going to 16 means 78% more jobs and, brother, the next 126 runners and the next 14 goaltenders are not top half players.......

    too much, too soon.
  4. Hollywood42

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    Teams right now with shoddy goaltending

    Philadelphia . Buchan and Diruscio
    Rochester. Goodleaf and I dunno
    New England jamieson and buque who they traded more picks they couldn’t afford to trade and he didn’t even start the opener because he sucks

    I can’t imagine 3 more teams worth of goalies
  5. Vin

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    As long as they are better than Ginny was in April 2003 when SHE was playing for the NJ Storm, things should be fine.
  6. Vin

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    I don't think there will be any folding but I do think that Georgia is disconcerting and I still am a bit dumbfounded by Styre's Halifax which I hope can make it.

    The reason why I suspect that there won't be folding is that the new class of owners that the league is bringing in have the fiscal firepower to survive for at least 5 years (they are required to have at least 50 million USD in liquid assets) and the right enthusiasm and/or experience and/or connections to make it work.
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    Agreed. While I'm all for the League expanding and Sakiewicz wanting to get to 30; I'm against how quickly he wants to get there (12 years is laughably ridiculous). I think we have decent-good forwards to get to around 16 teams, but the NLL doesn't have enough top notch defenders and goalies to expand anymore. Instead of re-adding Rochester, I think they should have just added New York, then sit with 12 for 2-3 years, and if all goes well, maybe add another two teams, then waiting 2-5, and so on.

    It's not even just the lack of talent that can present problems, but also the markets themselves - not all of the old markets or even potential new ones will work long term.
  8. R.J

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    Lacrosse is growing in the Canadian East Coast, so I get moving to Halifax, but Georgia never made sense to me, and long term I'm also concerned about Rochester.
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    Georgia worked for Arlotta because he was looking for an arena that would give him a favorable deal and he could still own/run the team. The arena was also big enough for the league to sanction the move. I think we all see this team moving again or at least being sold to another owner in another city.

    I don't have high hopes for the future of Rochester with Pegula running things. Styres is one of the best owners in the sport, he built a championship team, kept ticket prices low and he still couldn't get the people of Rochester to come out in large numbers.
  10. Wings-4-Life

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    They're not.

    Doug Buchan, who is only in this league because of expansion, gave up 10 goals on 24 shots before being put out of his misery on Saturday.
  11. chuckster

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    Buchan put up really good numbers in Peterborough over the summer but he was behind an established Lakers defense and not an expansion team defense. He was worth a shot for someone's roster.
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  12. Wings-4-Life

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    Hopefully that's the case, but it was night and day when DiRuscio came in.
  13. Vin

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    I agree. I see it as no different than what happened with the Vancouver Stealth/Warriors. Denise Watkins, God bless her, sold to the Canucks. The Arlottas would likely be pressured to sell to a comparable Big 4 owner.

    The only reason that I am concerned about Rochester is that they've been abused for a long time. That's not because of Styres, but because of a lot of factors. That metro area is not doing well and not part of any economic resurgence. I suspect a malaise is forming which reminds me of life in America in the late 1970s. (*)

    That said, maybe the Pegulas can do something with their KHawks 2.0. They have the money and can get the necessary front office talent to create a winning team. But the KHawks had winners for much of the past 7 seasons, yet the attendance was atrophying. When that sort of thing happens, that indicates issues beyond the team itself. For instance, look at all the KHawk fans who are no longer here even. *sigh* Serious die-hards like us, too.

    Nashville’s Star Rises as Midsize Cities Break Into Winners and Losers

    Nashville and the other Amazon also-rans, like Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, are thriving because of a combination of luck, astute political choices and well-timed investments. At the same time, Birmingham and cities like it, including Providence, R.I., and Rochester, are falling further behind.
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    I understand that the Swarm are only in Georgia because the Arlotta's refuse to give up the team, but who in their right mind thought it was a good market, and that it would work ?

    I've always felt that the Owners and NLL Execs screw themselves over and hold themselves back - staying in Rochester and moving the Swarm to Georgia instead of Nashville is just par for the course. I also think it's only a matter of time before the Swarm relocate - I could see Rochester as well one day, but am less confident about it for the immediate future.
    That maybe true, but I think it's way too early to give up on Buchan. Young goalie in his first NLL season, but has played well for the Lakers (Day is the GM there). 1 start shouldn't make or break a career.
  15. RockStar

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    The thing with goalies coming into the NLL is they are a complete crapshoot.

    You can have a guy that looks like a world beater in Junior, and even looks pretty good in major.......but, when you put him behind a second tier defence with a wider net, smaller stick, and tighter equipment rules, you realize that he's not a top 5'er today, and, you wonder if he ever will be.

    couple more teams, we might see another 49 goal game yet.
  16. AmericanRockFan

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    Case in point, Zach Higgins.
  17. chuckster

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    Case in point, Alex Buque.
  18. R.J

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    Yup, goalies are a tricky bunch - Jamieson and Hill were highly regarded going into the 2016 draft, and neither have looked especially good in the NLL - admittedly, it's still early though. It's the same for hockey as well, some guys light it up from the get go, some light it up early then flake, and some just never make it.

    As I pointed out a few posts earlier, I think the League should've stuck with 12 for next season, and leave it at 12 for at least a couple-few seasons; once everything settles a bit more, maybe add more teams. I love offence, but not when it's because of a watered down product - we just don't have the defenders and goalies to expand anymore.
  19. Vin

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    Money is money.

    If I am a zillionaire like Joe Tsai and I want a team, why would the league even want to hold me back from joining if I have both the enthusiasm and money to survive for several years?

    Besides, the other owners and the league want the expansion fees.

    Finally, all of them want to grow the league in respectability and believe that additional teams that will survive and not relocate (via having good, financially robust ownership) only help their franchises grow in value and make the league more lucrative to broadcasters and sponsors. In short, they want a shorter and better return on investment (ROI) and believe they can accomplish that with more teams more quickly (but not too quickly). I've been advocating this for years which is why it was so frustrating to me that the NLL had a dearth of Big 4 owners for so long. Once Big 4 owners got smart and recognized the possibilities (which is one reason why they traded Commissioner George Daniel for Nick), they are going all in and attracting their big moneyed friends. For instance, I believe it is just a matter or time before we have a return to Edmonton with the Oilers owning. Same with Ottawa and Montréal. Those cities failed before but with Mom & Pop owners. With Big 4 owners, they will not fail.
  20. R.J

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    I'm not disputing any of that, and I've made it very clear that I'm all for expansion, but I just want to see the League be smart about it.
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