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    I just noticed that the NLL changed the schedule between its first public release and its current incarnation.

    Game 23 is Colorado at Georgia.
    • That was a Week 7 game that was originally scheduled for Saturday 20 January 2018 with a time "TBD".
    • That is now a Week 13 game scheduled for Friday 02 March 2018 with a time of 7:35 PM. It will be the only Friday night Georgia home game of the season.

    Where there any other schedule changes between the two schedules?

    By my reckoning, there are now a total of 19 Friday games, 54 Saturday games, and 8 Sunday games.

    I also noticed that the bye weeks and 2-game weeks have changed for COL and GEO.
    GEO gets one more bye week (Week 7) and COL gets one more 2-game week (Week 13).

    With a total of 6 bye weeks now, GEO now has the most bye weeks. TOR and CGY still have the least with 3, but they don't have any 2-game weeks either.
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  2. Vin

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    With the update in the schedule, I checked a lot of things and did a more thorough schedule analysis.
    2017-2018 NLL Schedule Analysis.png

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