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  1. BlackBandits

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    NLL Standings heading into Week 19 of 21


    Rochester 8-7
    Buffalo 8-7
    Georgia 8-7

    Toronto 7-8
    New England 7-8


    Saskatchewan 12-3
    Colorado 10-6
    Calgary 6-9

    Vancouver 2-13

    Ok whom will win these games this weekend?

    Not including Buffalo at Calgary becuase this is a Bandits Thread. Im a Bandit Fan since 92.

    Georgia at Saskatchewan
    New England at Colorado
    Rochester at Toronto
    Saskatchewan at Vancouver
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  2. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    We already have this kind of thread --
  3. BlackBandits

    BlackBandits Member

    Buffalo lost, Toronto lost while Rochester, Georgia and New England


    Rochester 9-7
    Georgia 9-7
    Buffalo 8-8
    New England 8-8
    Toronto 7-9

    Next week

    Toronto at Buffalo

    If Buffalo beats Toronto, Buffalo eliminates the Rock from playoff contention.

    New England at Rochester

    Eventhought the Blackwolves have already won the season series, the Wolves have to win to stay alive in the playoff hunt.

    Can the Bandits clinch a playoff berth if they beat Toronto and Rochester beat New England?

    Georgia plays in Week 21 after having a bye next week.
    April 28 vs Vancouver. That's a win for Georgia in my opinion.
    April 29 at New England. All bets are off for this one. This one will decide the playoff field.

    Saskatchewan split, Colorado lost, Calgary won, Vancouver lost

    1. Rush
    2. Mammoth
    3. Roughnecks
  4. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    I think the bandits have to win out I read, but not sure that’s correct
  5. unspoken

    unspoken Member

    No they don't. There's a number of scenarios. One example is if they beat Toronto but lose to Rochester, but New England loses both their remaining games, Buffalo is still in.
  6. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    It's still a crapshoot in the East but Toronto has the biggest hill to climb right now. This week's game vs. Buffalo is basically a playoff game, especially for the Rock. If the Rock win, they tie the Bandits but hold the head to head tiebreaker over Buffalo.

    Yes. A Buffalo win this weekend and a NE loss (vs. Rochester) puts Buffalo into the playoffs. A Buffalo loss and a NE win puts the Bandits and Rock at 8-9 and NE into 3rd at 9-8.....then the Bandits will need help getting in.

    Buffalo controls its own destiny, especially with having the tiebreaker over NE. For Buffalo, just win, baby!
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  7. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    If NE wins they are 9-8 not 8-9
  8. BlackBandits

    BlackBandits Member


    9-7, h2h vs. GA 2-1
    8-8, h2h vs. NE 3-0
    New England

    Georgia has a bye week next week so the final seedings will be determined on April 29 i.e. the final day of the regular season.
    Georgia hosts Vancouver on the 28th and then travels to New England on the 29th.

    If Rochester wins and Buffalo wins

    New England
    07-10 ELIMINATED

    If Rochester lose and Buffalo wins

    09-08, h2h 2-1 vs. buf, h2h vs. ne 0-3 2-4
    09-08, h2h 1-2 vs. roc, h2h vs. ne 3-0 4-2
    New England
    09-08, h2h 3-0 vs. roc, h2h vs. buf 0-3 3-3
    07-10 ELIMINATED

    If Rochester wins and Buffalo loss

    08-09, h2h vs. BUF 2-1 and vs. NE 2-1
    08-09, h2h vs. NE 3-0
    New England

    If Rochester lose and Buffalo loses

    New England
    09-08, wins season series 3-0
    08-09, wins season series 2-1

    Any want decode these scenarios?

    I know the first one puts BUFFALO and ROCHESTER IN. The others not so sure.
  9. Rick716

    Rick716 Well-Known Member

    I've got a little different take. I'd like to see Buffalo win the division but last night's loss probably hurt that a lot. If there's a 3 way tie with Buffalo, ROC, NE, Buffalo will finish first. However, Georgia has Vancouver at home followed by a game at NE so they may have a great shot at first also. That home loss to Vancouver really hurts when you look at the standings now.

    There are a list of 3 way tiebreaker scenarios in this article, though not from the league:
  10. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    With how shitty a season it has been, amazingly enough, the Rock are still in it with fair odds. I kinda don't want to pay for a Rock playoff ticket this season, so here's hoping if they get in, it's E3 so I can save the first round money.

    If they win out, I think most scenarios have them in the dance.

    They 100% have to beat Buffalo, to pull Buffalo back underwater and clinch the season tiebreaker. If they lose, I don't think there is any scenario where they get in.

    Now, I think if they find a way to leak past the Bandits, their odds are OK, and possibly better than OK.......Colorado is better, but, they will be coming off a bye and are cemented into W2 seed......they will have nothing to play for except to not be injured.

    If they win in Buffalo and lose to Colorado, they are 8-10 and need a whole bunch of help to get into the backdoor at 8-10.
  11. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are correct. My bad.
  12. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    No. Buffalo just has to win vs. the Rock. That is all they need to focus on.
  13. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    And NE has to lose to Roch.
  14. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    So what now? Bandits need to win obviously, and what else to happen to stumble in?
  15. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I want all 5 East teams to finish 9-9 after next week, solely for the LULZ.
  16. BlackWolves99

    BlackWolves99 Member

    All 5 East teams cannot get to 9-9. The New England/Georgia Game will result in one team having at least 10 wins.
  17. LaxBandit

    LaxBandit Active Member

    1. Georgia - 9-7
    2. New England - 9-8
    3. Rochester - 9-8
    4. Toronto - 8-9
    5. Buffalo - 8-9

    There are four games involving East teams next week -
    Vancouver vs. Georgia - Saturday - 7:05 pm ET.
    Rochester vs. Buffalo - Saturday - 7:30 pm ET.
    Toronto vs. Colorado - Saturday - 9:00 pm ET.
    Georgia vs New England - Sunday - 5:00 pm ET.

    Buffalo Bandits -
    Buffalo needs a win & either a New England or Toronto loss to make the playoffs.
    If Buffalo wins & both Toronto & New England lose, Buffalo finishes 2nd.
  18. Rick716

    Rick716 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that link LaxBandit.
  19. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    That scenario doesn't seem entirely correct to me but I know the league will issue an official position on it. I am not optimistic that Buffalo gets in the playoffs even if they take care of their own business.
  20. unspoken

    unspoken Member

    If Buffalo beats Rochester, they're both 9-9. If New England loses, they're 9-9 as well and by default, Georgia has 10 wins minimum and takes 1st place. If Toronto loses, they are 8-10. So you have Georgia 1st, Toronto 5th, and a 3-way tie between Buffalo, Rochester and New England for the 2/3/4 slots. Then you go to head to head record between the three teams. New England's record in that is 3-3, and since it's only possible with a Buffalo win over Rochester, Buffalo would be 5-2 and Rochester would be 2-5. So the order of the 2/3/4 slots would be Buffalo, New England, Rochester.

    Now, make one change and say Toronto wins instead of loses. That puts Georgia at #1 and everyone else tied for 2/3/4/5 at 9-9. The 4 way head to head between those teams would have Toronto at 6-3, Buffalo at 6-4, New England at 4-5 and Rochester at 3-7. So Toronto would be 2nd and Buffalo 3rd in that scenario.

    Flip the change back to Toronto losing, but have New England win. Toronto is in 5th place with an 8-10 record no matter what. Then there's two scenarios here. One is that Georgia beats Vancouver but loses to New England, and New England and Georgia are tied for first, with New England winning the tiebreak. So New England 1, Georgia 2, and Toronto 5. Buffalo and Rochester are tied for the 3/4 slot. They'd have an even season series at 2-2, so you go to division record as the second tiebreak. Buffalo would be 7-5, Rochester would be 5-8. So Buffalo wins the tiebreak and gets 3rd, Rochester 4th.

    Now, if both Toronto and New England win, Buffalo is out even with a win. New England would be 10-8 and win the division. Rochester, Toronto and Buffalo would all be 9-9. Georgia would be 10-8 if they beat Vancouver, or 9-9 if they lose to Vancouver. If it's a Buffalo/Rochester/Toronto 3 way tiebreak, Toronto finishes first with a record of 4-2, Buffalo and Rochester are both 3-4 in those contests, with Buffalo winning again on division record (but still missing the playoffs as NE/GEO/TOR are already ahead of them). If Georgia loses to Vancouver, then you have a 4 way tiebreak, with New England in sole possession of first at 10-8 and everyone else at 9-9. In that scenario in the 4 way head to head, Georgia is 5-3, Rochester is 5-5, and Buffalo and Toronto are both 4-5. Georgia and Rochester advance.

    Note that all of these scenarios involve Buffalo winning against Rochester. They are out regardless if they don't win.

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