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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by Vin, Dec 8, 2017.

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    I can remember paying like $400 for a 4 speed CD writer......

    I can go back 8 whatever years before that to a time when a four colour monitor was a bitchin' upgrade over the amber monochrome standard you got with an IBM XT, or compatible clone.
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    Then again, I wrote my first programs on cards, in high school.
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    First experience was an Apple II BASIC programming course at the library.
  4. My point was that last season the Rush had all home and road games televised on Sasktel Max cable. I watched the Twitter feed tonight and it was craptacular, incredibly pixilated and poor sound quality. Last season, they had all the games direct from the backend satellite feed and there was no issues with picture quality or sound quality.

    Yes it would be nice for the league to do it, but really I was mostly complaining from a Rush standpoint. The only reason I could see why their deal with Sasktel was not renewed was because the league stepped in and said no way. With the Rush likely having the largest fanbase in the league (they are just as big as the Riders here), having the games televised is a surefire way to have fans not purchase NLLTV. From all accounts the service is terrible too.

    As an aside, yes I would like to see the league get more exposure, so if it means brokering a deal with TSN and some American network, I say go for it. I mean if the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League team can be shown on national TV, albeit GameTV, surely the NLL can get on TV as well.

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