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  1. (im bored at work, its Tuesday morning why not post "embarrassing" photos on the internet)

    while im not a Roadie I am definitely a Rock fan, and "sometimes I take things too far"(my fiancée)

    exhibit a:

    yes I am "that guy" ive been that guy for about 4 years now and no plans of stopping (even tho my new move has me looking at 3hr drives for games), my aforementioned fiancée hates it, reaaaaally dislikes going to games with me as she thinks its "embarrassing" but nothing makes me happier then when the rock score I jump up, light flashing, yelling at the top of my lungs and point at the opposing fans. Nothing makes me happier and nothing could possibly **** them off more.

    other claims to fame include,

    -losing the play by play to a radio DJ,

    -being attacked by a drunk fan from the away team,

    -random high fives from other Rock fans after a big win,

    -getting a picture with someone related to Stephan Leblanc (I believe it was either his parents or girlfriend...I was fairly inebriated and had a hankering for an intermission hotdog) because "that's the first Leblanc jersey i've ever seen"

    any other Rock Fanatics do anything "crazy" or have cool stories?
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    Was that this year? I think I actually remember seeing you on the jumbotron during that contest, of course I wouldn't have known it was you at the time :p

    My craziest Rock Roadies story comes from that time I ran into some Vietnamese tourists in the hotel lobby after a Fann Cup, but I won't go into too much detail there....

    In other instances, I just love the pre and post game stuff, mainly when the Rock are in Rochester and it's only a 20 minute drive from my house.
  3. yes that was this year, after 4 years with the "helmet of shame"(fiancée....) and 2 of the 4 being season ticket holders, in the 4th year one of the rock fan ambassadors (I guess that's what they called themselves) came up to the 300's to grab me strictly because of the helmet, made my night! got on the jumbotron (still cant believe it took 4 years with that thing on) and you guessed it...embarrassed my fiancée. WIN WIN
  4. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    How did you decide to start wearing the helmet to games? I know there's at least one other Rock fan who wears one to games as I saw him in Rochester and Buffalo this season.

    Also, I kinda miss the days of when Smashed, Tanked, Detox, Rehab, and Puddles were the most notorious Rock fans.
  5. about 5 years ago during the off season I was watching NHL hockey with my buddies and they kept playing commercials for those $300 Budweiser goal lights for your mancave that are synced to the game and go off automatically(might be more but I seem to remember them being crazy expensive). I got to thinking that they should do the same for the rock, started looking into how to make it myself (being an engineering student at the time), after a while I said forget it, had a cheap goal light from sportcheck (that has the horn from every NHL stadium programmed on it) sitting around.

    few months go by and i saw some old pictures of the Roadies hard hats, thought.... I have an old lacrosse bucket, ill paint it blue (ended up using blue tape at the will soon be blue proper, although ill loose my signatures) attach the goal light and wear it to the games (preferably sitting as close to the glass as possible to try and make the jumbotron/disrupt the other team) and thus the Helmet light was born.

    my buddies love it, sometimes they are on the other side of the arena and after a few goals ill get a text "next time we score look at section XXX", we score, I look and half the section jumps up cheering pointing at the helmet (my fiancée says theyre laughing at me not with me, but I disagree)
  6. I should add, that I had never seen any before I made mine (not claiming I "invented it" or came up with the idea) but ive seen ALOT since then, I think its great. someone sent me a picture this year of another rock fan he saw at a game wearing one he had made and it made me feel great! the more the merrier lets light up the ACC....blind our opponents
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    The missus seems like she might make a better "ex" than a "fiancee."
  8. no she's awesome, just shy.

    she likes going to rock games just prefers I leave the helmet at home (which is yet to happen)
  9. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    In this case, you should bring her to a Rock game in Buffalo in 2018. Road games can be fun, but it's nothing like the old days where thousands of Rock fans would come down to Buffalo.
  10. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Let's revisit this. What prompted this??
  11. If I remember correctly it was the 2015 game against the Bandits where we won in OT, couple bandits fans sitting a few seats from me didn't appreciate the light (especially after scoring the OT winner and going a little crazy)
  12. RockStar

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    That was a fun game. I had Bandit fans around me as well, but, they were more civilized.

    My favourite was the 2010 playoff game against Buffalo. Idiot loudmouth lady Buffa-loser sitting behind me, and I had to listen to her shtit for the whole first half when Buffalo was owning it.

    Tables turn in the second half, and, once the lead inverted, I gave it all right back to her such that she was in tears going into the final few minutes.

    Buffalo WHAT?? NOTHING!!!!! :D
  13. AmericanRockFan

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    Ah, I vaguely recall that 2015 game. It was the day after **** hit the fan in Buffalo when Troy Cordingley tried to fight John Lovell.
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  14. Both were heated games if I remember correctly

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