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Now Boston...

Discussion in 'Orlando Titans Forum' started by MCO Titans, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Well, looks like I'm 0 for 2. First Orlando folds and then my adopted home team of Boston folds.

    Any suggestions on where to go next? :(
  2. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    You're welcome to be a Wings fan. We're not too picky these days.
  3. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    Do we really want him with that track record?
  4. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Probably not....

    Should I become a Buffalo fan then? :D
  5. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I'm all for that.
  6. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Wings and K-hawks are at the top of the short list.....well any list these days in the NLL is a short list, but you get the idea.

    Wings and K-hawks had a bunch of my favorite Titans last year, but Boston won out with CP/Orsen and the fact I had lived there for 25 years.

    I did spend one year at Villanova back in the day so I did get out to the Vet for a few Phillies games and to the Spectrum for a couple of concerts. The Wings are the only team left in the league where I have spent any appreciable time in the home town.

    Leaning toward the Wings, but if Rochester gets CP I may become a weight around the K-hawks neck for next year. :D
  7. coyotemagic

    coyotemagic New Member

    kinda glad i chose wings instead of titans back in 08. bouncing around on favorite teams must get disheartening.
  8. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    If you have been to the Vet and the Spectrum then you need to be a Wings fan

    I think Wings-4-Life is right, we need to be accepting of any fans.
  9. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    That is a factual statement.

    Last year was disheartening enough without being able to go to the games and watching them all via the interet and now this. We were kind of hoping the NALL would bring live lacrosse back to Orlando but that fell through as well.
  10. Wingslax33

    Wingslax33 Member

    I agree. Anyone is welcome at this point

    Come to Philly!

    But if the attendance starts dropping more and things dont look good....your our first target. :mob:
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 8, 2011
  11. Figboot2001

    Figboot2001 New Member

    I have a soft spot for both the Mammoth and Swarm. I'll be pulling for one of them. So, who would you guys say goes next? It would have to be the Stealth. Maybe Rush?
  12. StealthDragon

    StealthDragon New Member

    You should be more concerned with the Swarm. They're dumping veteran players faster than I remember Calgary doing last year and we all know that Calgary was dumping vets to save costs because they were on there way out until saved by the Flames.

    The Rush owner, Urban, has *deep* pockets from what I remember. And the Stealth owner is willing to get anyone on the team and pay them, never dumping vets for rookies. They had their chance to get out when moving from SJ to Everett, but they're sticking around.
  13. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Third time is the charm. :D

    No worries, I am quite a large target so I will not be hard to miss. If the Wings fold, I will become a Bandits fan in 2013, now that the Swarm curse has shifted we need a new one.
  14. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    I liked the Swarm until they got rid of Rory, guess I will have a reason to watch a few Mammoth games this year if the Wings or CP are not playing.

    To be honest, I have no idea who is next to fall. Calgary, Colorado, Buffalo, and Toronto appear to be the strongest (now that the Flames stepped in) so I would be a bit surprised if one of those four go. I am kind of hoping the bleeding stops and some new team steps in for 2013.
  15. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    In case you've forgotten, there's a pretty new new lacrosse venue on the campus of Notre Dame with the Swarm owner's name on it. Arlotta is a big lacrosse fan with pretty deep pockets of his own.
  16. Niknak

    Niknak Active Member

    I'm not so sure the curse has "shifted" all that much. Maybe it more like misfired? The league gave the Swarm a team the curse couldn't kill in Colorado for the season closer. Instead it went to the team they played at the half way point in home games? It did miss the diminishing timeline. I guess we'll have to see what happens this season?
  17. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Well if the league schedules Buffalo into visit the Swarm for the finale I guess the curse will be dead and we can start a conspiracy theory that the league intended to kill off the Swarm curse? :D
  18. Figboot2001

    Figboot2001 New Member

    I guess the Hawks are the new team to follow.
  19. laxorlbox

    laxorlbox Banned

    I'm on the Khawks wagon!! Born and raised there, Vino, CP, Hallsey!!! I'm in!! May try to go visit and watch a game this year!
  20. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    I just hope CP is healthy, dropped to #14 overall in the dispersal draft. Will definitely watch some Hawks games this year, but have moved my crest over to the Wings for 2012. Boyle, Zash, Mundorf, Alrich, Hardy, Bigas, Wagar, and Steve Peyser's rights from the Titans along with new comers DDD, Brodie Merrill, and Crotty. Should be a fun team to watch especially with our AILA guru running the show up in Philly now.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 9, 2011

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