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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by Dickie1, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    RAPHilly, believe it or not, I agree with a lot of what you said. However, while I don't think that baseball, or pro baseball for that matter, will die, I do believe this strike, if there is one, will affect the sport more drastically then the ones that preceded it. The reason being, I think people have reached their boiling point this time. I know I have. I understand that these sports are business', and I don't believe that the owners have a "sacred trust" to the game. I know they are greedy, and always have been. But the players....the players have changed. And you, nor anyone else, can tell me different. Can you name me players that currently play the game....because they love the game? Sure you can, but you can count them on both your hands, and have fingers to spare. With each passing year, and with each retirement, the fans of the MLB lose players that care, players that love baseball, and put the money second. That disgusts me, and I bet it disgusts the majority of fans too. I wish baseball would go away, so that it would open a spot for other sports. I realize it probably won't, but without hope, we all have nothing.

    Either way, the NLL, I believe, has a chance to make some bounds and leaps, not necessarily because of baseballs problems, but because it is time to.
  2. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    The last strike has killed the Expos and come damn close to killing the Jays.

    Once upon a time, the Jays drew numbers like 45,000 damn near every night (4 Million per season, set records back then). Now I think they get 12,000 to 15,000 most nights, occasionally creeping over 20,000.

    Why, you ask, did this happen?

    Simple, in 1994, when the players went on strike and there was no baseball, anyone who used to follow the Jays found better things to do with their time. When the players came off strike, many of us watched a few minutes of a game or two on TV, and realized just how boring baseball actually is (unless you're at the game and stinking drunk!).

    Add the premature end of the 1994 season to the fact that games were approaching an average length of 4 hours or more at the time (If I watched baseball, I'd thank Christ for the recent rules against excessive delays by batters and pitchers) and you have the reason for the demise of baseball.

    It'll survive in many markets after this strike, but attendance will continue to go down. Its a fairly safe bet that MLB in Toronto is toast after this season, and an equally safe bet that few will care.
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  3. Any1forDoomsday

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    maybe the sport won't die.....I hope it does....but lots of teams will die.....I mean look at the Phillies.....they only draw like 14,000 people a night...which is only more then 2 other teams in the league or something like that....I am pretty sure...that those numbers will be divided in half....and for a lot of these season with that little attendance will send them into the chapter 11 line.

    and When Baseball is dead and gone.....I still won't care! Good riddance i say, Good riddance.
  4. eliukfan35

    eliukfan35 New Member

    I gotta tell ya, I agree with Dickie on everything he's said in this thread. I never thought I'd actually say something like that, but he is right on about this whole baseball strike thing.

    People seem more PO'd about this strike than any others in the past. This strike WILL have an affect on baseball and how the fans look at it. I used to like baseball up to last season, but in comparison to other sports, it's so bad. It's boring (in my opinion) and it's the only sport that strikes. You don't see the NHL striking, or the NFL, or any other pro sports (or not that I can remember). Nowadays, baseball players seem so snobbish and want more and more money every damn season. Look at the bum Rolen. As if his current salary wasn't enough, he wanted even more. If he doesn't like it, we can trade salaries and then we'll see which one he wants.

    This just strengthens my point, the NLL is so much better. These players are great guys and they get the hell beat out of them in every game. If they get hurt enough in a game, that might even affect the job they hold outside of the NLL. They get paid terribly and they still play the game. If any sport should strike, it should be the NLL/PLPA. But they don't and that's just one (of many, many, many, many) reasons that puts the NLL on top of other sports.
  5. raphilly

    raphilly New Member

    Dickie says...
    > I do believe this strike, if there is one, will affect the sport
    > more drastically then the ones that preceded it.

    If it goes more than three days (i.e., gets past Labor Day weekend), it'll be on par with what happened in 1994. If it goes past ten days (i.e., runs right into the first anniversary of the WTC and Pentagon attacks), baseball is in deep, deep sh*t.

    Dickie says...
    > I understand that these sports are business', and I don't
    > believe that the owners have a "sacred trust" to the game.

    Based on your posts here (now at a whopping 250), I figured you'd see it that way. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't. (there's a nifty little column in today's NJ Star-Ledger, written by Sid Dorfman, that is a textbook example of what I'm talking about)

    Dickie says...
    > Can you name me players that currently play the game....
    > because they love the game? Sure you can, but you can
    > count them on both your hands, and have fingers to spare.

    Point granted, although there's always been a lot of players who played because baseball was far more lucrative than the alternatives. Many greats (Stan Coveleski being the first to come to mind) tried professional baseball as a way to avoid the same fate as their father (being a coal miner, working in the steel mills, etc.)... and some of them were not exactly the most charming individuals.

  6. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    I'll say this now... if the players strike on August 30th, the earliest you'll see major league baseball again is May 2003, and I think it is highly likely that we will not see baseball until Spring Training, 2004.
  7. Any1forDoomsday

    Any1forDoomsday New Member

    I've said it once and i will say it again...Good Riddance, i hope it never comes back!
  8. Mojo

    Mojo New Member

    I can not believe i am going to say this but........Ahhhhhhh hell let me think about this one more time.
  9. Mojo

    Mojo New Member

    OK its true i also agree with Dickie, I hope baseball dies a horable death and burns in hell. I am so sick and tired of players who are playing a game that make more money in one day then anyone of us in this forum make in a year. Further more i agree the Lax players do deserve more money BUT that is what makes this sport GREAT, they play for the game and the fans, and thats why i buy season tix and refuse to miss a game. I have no problem with the sport growing and the players getting more money it supply and demand. We can only hope this sport over throws baseball as the "National Pastime" and shows the world what it means to be TRUE players and TRUE fans.
  10. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    24 more hours of that crap called the MLB and it is finally DEAD!!!

    Do you know that the Phillies had NINE fans in the stadium last night.....NINE??? What a joke...there will be more people at Charles Mansons funeral!!!!
  11. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Wow, nine! Baseball draws less than the Washington Power, everyone in the stands gets a foul ball, that's got to be a first.

    I hope those nine poor souls were either scouts, or only present due to free tickets.
  12. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    Nine? Yeah, the game started two hours late, and they played through pouring rain. I'm suprised that those nine fans stayed! How many people would stay to watch a lacrosse game in the pouring rain, if you had to wait two hours to even see if the game would be played, and then sit there for three hours more to watch the game in its entirety, only to find out you will be leaving the stadium at 12:15 am, ON A WORK NIGHT!?!? I ask you...who would do such a thing????? Obviously, those nine people would.
  13. dhouse914

    dhouse914 Banned

    H0LY 5H1T!!!!!!!!!!! Dickie actually made friends on this subject!!!!!
  14. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    Had to make friends sometime, I guess. :D
  15. Drynagolt

    Drynagolt New Member

    AMAZING. They actually came to an agreement. I am not sure whether I am happy or sad. I really don't like baseball at all anymore, though I used to love the Jays. I just don't want to see teams like Toronto and Montreal fold.
  16. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    You say amazing...I say terrible.
  17. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    Every year NEEDS 162 regular season baseball games! Without that...what is the sense of summer?

    I have remained quiet about this until this point, but why are the Canadian posters so quick to bash baseball? No offense, but its not your pasttime. NHL hockey has become a shell of what it once was, and no one points that out. And I realize that the Canadian posters are not the only ones bashing the game, but those American posters can't deny that baseball was still a part of their childhood in some way. I find it most impossible that no one living in America has had no contact what-so-ever with baseball in their lives. So baseball players get paid 30 million dollars too much a season. So baseball takes a long time to play. I personally don't care about that crap. I like to sit down and enjoy a game. I still say there is nothing more exciting than a game winning homerun. NOTHING!

    Baseball is here to stay, like it or not!
  18. Drynagolt

    Drynagolt New Member

    That is just retarded. You are telling me that we cannot state our opinions because as Canadians, it is not our national pasttime? Well by that logic I could tell you to get the hell out of this forum, because Lacrosse is not your country's national sport.

    I live near Toronto and I have been to a lot of Blue Jays games. I watched them when they won the World Series in 92 and 93. I played baseball with my friends all summer. Don't think that just because we are Canadian, baseball was not a part of our childhood. We have just as much right to point out flaws with it as anyone.

    Lastly, the person who started this thread and is the most outspoken about his hatred for baseball is an American.
  19. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire


    Did you read my post, or did you just pick out that one little blurb that you so painstakenly put up as a quote? My point wasn't to tell you that your opinion didn't matter. I could care less if you like baseball or not. So what. You don't go to any Blue Jays games anymore, the Phillies (the team I root for) will not see any of your money anyway. My point was to ask why Canadians all seem to have the same opinion about baseball. As many Americans who dislike the game, there seem to be double that many Canadians who hate it. It was a simple question. By the way...did you notice the "no offense" part there? That means don't take it personally, and lighten up.

    P.S. If you want me to believe that lacrosse is Canada's national sport, then you have been smoking some good stuff! Lacrosse, if it belongs to any "nation", it would belong to an Indian reservation of your choice. Last I checked there weren't too many Native Americans on this board. So with your logic, we might as well all pack our bags from this board.

    By the way...when you have cooled off Drynagolt, reread the post you are complaining about, and take into consideration that I mention that there were American posters on this subject too. So far, I am the only one on here supporting my favorite sport in the world. I don't care if they go on strike or not. I just want to watch baseball. I love the game because it was a large part of my childhood, and my family and I spent a lot of time around the game. This is common in my home-town, and other American's childhoods as well. I don't know the specifics of why people don't like baseball anymore, each person has their own opinion...just like yours. If you say that Canadians grow up much the same way as Americans, then so be it.

    I'll say it one more it or hate it, baseball is here to stay!
  20. eliukfan35

    eliukfan35 New Member

    How can you enjoy the game? There's so much BS involved with the sport now, it's not even funny. This guy's popping pills, this guy gets paid $17-million and he's still not happy, this guy is a snobbish fool, and they had disagreements that almost led to a strike. I think this is the most greedy sport. You don't see the NHL, NFL, NBA, or any other pro-leagues striking. Now I'm not bashing anyone who does enjoy this game and I'm sure there are some good players in the MLB, but the BS has definitely taken over the enjoyment.

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