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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by Dickie1, Aug 20, 2002.

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    Actually, E-fan, I think NFL striked sometime during the 80s and I think there's been a couple labour skirmishes with NHL players recently. The NHL ones don't usually last that long though.

    With respect to lacrosse:

    Its current form, which differs quite a bit from the original, was developed after the white man came. It was heavily influenced by what the French saw the Indians playing, but also heavily adapted. Canada does not own the sport any more than America owns baseball. Both countries have just happened to name those respective sports "Canada's National Summer Sport", or "America's National Passtime".

    With respect to the drugs:

    Can anyone honestly tell me they care if a pro athlete is using steroids, creatine, or any of the other magic potions out there now? They're adults, able to decide for themselves, and if that's what it takes to get the competitive advantage, so be it! I'd rather see drug free sport, but the enforcement they have is such a joke, and so many players in the big sports are chemically enhanced. I'd rather they just ended the farce and stopped talking about testing.

    With respect to baseball:

    I and most of the Canadians have no problem with baseball as a sport. I still play softball a couple times a year and enjoy it. The criticisms put forward were about MLB, not the sport of baseball.

    Baseball, like so many other sports (golf, curling, basketball (at least in the regular season), soccer....etc.) is fine to play, but, IMO, boring to watch.

    I was also never hoping for MLB baseball to fold, just for Toronto's team to go ****-up and be sold. With fewer leagues to compete for the summer sports dollar, it would help the summer sports I do like (Canadian Football League and summer lacrosse leagues ) immensely.

    Hell, if the Jays fold, I'm willing to bet TSN and/or Sportsnet would actually cover OLA Major series games in the near future....there's bugger-all else going on in terms of summer sport, and I'm sure it would draw more viewers than some of the crap they put on those networks.
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    Hey Phairisgod, I think you need to cool down. I am not mad. :D

    All I said is that anyone can give theier opinions, you gave yours then I gave mine. That's how it works on a message board. Also, Box Lacrosse IS Canadian buddy. As for why many Canadians hate baseball? Hmmm, I guess we just like faster, more exciting games. But keep in mind, that is just our/my opinion.

    You love baseball. Fine, that is great for you. Others don't. THat works for them. Try to accept that not everyone likes the same sports.
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    Enjoy the next two NHL seasons... the CBA expires after the 2003-2004 season, and the negotiations are expected to be brutal. Teams have been trying to include clauses to pay players even during a strike in 2004-2005, but the NHL has been shooting them down.

    A lot can change between now and then, of course, but right now, I would not count on the 04-05 NHL season starting on time.
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    Whoa...a lot of reaction on this topic. Well, I have a couple of comments mysef, and here we go.

    PhairisGod, as you do, I too share a fondness for the "game" of baseball. I grew up LOVING the game, and to be honest, I still enjoy playing it (when given the opportunity) or watching the little leaguers at the park playing. But as for the "sport" of baseball, I cannot say the same. I think thats what we need to split up...the "game" and the "sport". No person who grew up with baseball could ever say the "game" is bad. That is my opinion, and I may be wrong. However, I've sat by for the last 15 or so years and have watched the "game" I love, and still do, be disgraced by a bunch of greedy, overpayed, drug using players, and me putting anymore more money or time towards that nonsense would make me what they are.....sad and pathetic. I will NEVER, and you can quote me on this, NEVER pay to see a MLB game again.

    Rockstar, the only disagreement I have with you is about the drug use in baseball, or any other sport. I don't necessarily disagree with your reasoning....grown men make their own decisions, and it is their bodies. That, I agree with you on. However, the drug use by the MLB players is severely affecting the integrity of the game. Look at the home run has become a freaking joke, and no one can honestly tell me that Sosa or McGwire were not, or are not, using steroids. I remember watching McGwire play on the A's in the mid 80's...he was thin as a pencil. He was still a good homerun hitter then, but years later, he looks like the Incredible Hulk and is belting 70 in a year. Hmmmmm....wonder what could have helped him along? Again, it is their bodies and it is their careers, but ultimately, it is the fans sport, and for them to be breaking records held by LEGENDS of the game by using enhancing drugs...I find that sad, and unforgivable. I'm sorry....I know some people find the owners to be the problem, I know some people think that fans have overreacted....but I put ALL of the blame on the players for the state of baseball. ALL!!!
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    It seems that a lot of leagues atre in danger of strike these days. Baseball was SOOO close, and the CFL is no where near an agreement. They may strike before the Grey Cup. Also as WFINY said, the NHL will soon be faced with a similar problem. Not good. I hope the NLL doesn't go through this.
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    Eliukfan says:
    > This guy's popping pills, this guy gets paid $17-million and
    > he's still not happy, this guy is a snobbish fool, and they had
    > disagreements that almost led to a strike.

    Gee, if I didn't know what sport you were talking about, I'd assume you meant basketball. You're describing problems that affect ALL FOUR MAJOR SPORTS, not just baseball.

    > I think this is the most greedy sport. You don't see the NHL,
    > NFL, NBA, or any other pro-leagues striking.

    Yes, you do.

    The NFL lost eleven weeks of "normal play" over two strikes -- seven weeks in 1982 (never replayed) and four in 1987 (one week cancelled, and three with replacement players). The NFL remains the only major league ever to play regular-season games with scabs.

    The NHL blew up half a season in 1994, and is about to do the same when the current collective bargaining agreement ends in two years. Hockey owners are bracing for the possibility of losing the entire 2004-2005 season, as well as for the possibility of up to a half-dozen franchises folding as a result of a protracted labor dispute.

    The NBA blew up half a season in 1999, but, to its credit, it has a more responsible financial system now.

    Major league baseball, I feel obligated to point out, has never cancelled an entire season or seriously discussed doing so, nor has it used scabs in regular-season play, nor has it allowed financial troubles to cause a franchise's relocation in thirty years -- and even when the Expos move to Washington, it'll keep MLB (two, including the Senators' move to Texas at the start of the period) well behind NBA (nine), NFL (seven), and NHL (seven, plus a fold) in relocations since 1972.

  7. Hooligan

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    Thank you RAPhilly. What you wrote in your post is exactly how I feel, and tells the real story about baseball vs the other four major sports. Like you said, when it comes down to it, the other three have nothing to gloat about when pointing the finger at baseball.
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    The other three have nothing to gloat about, huh??? about attendance at games??? The Filthies are drawing about a bakers dozen, while the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers almost always have sellouts.

    Listen, like I explained, baseball as a game is great. And it WAS great as a sport, until (1) the players somehow got the impression they deserved more then their teams were worth and (2) the powers that be decided that bumbling idiot Bud Selig should be commissioner.

    I cannot defend the NHL too much because I am not a huge fan, but as for the NFL, and the NBA for that matter.....they are well run machines. The MLB is going down the tubes, and I hope someone flushes it out soon.
  9. Hooligan

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    Think about it Dickie, when did baseball begin this dive? It all seemed to mount when Pete Rose was banned from baseball. Then shortly after that, Bud Selig came into the comissioners office, and then...basement. I feel that baseball can make a comback, but only after they clean house in the MLB front office. This new bargaining agreement should hold over for four years, and give some smaller market teams to get on their feet at least.

    As for comparing the Phils to the Flyers, Sixers, and Eagles...all I can say is, are you serious?! You know that Philly is a football town. Of course baseball isn't the main focus of the sports year. Look at towns like Baltimore. In Baltimore, their whole focus is the baseball season, despite the Orioles sucking for about 6 years now. Sure they turn out for football games, but they still love their baseball. I think that Philly fans will turn back to baseball soon, since this new bargaining agreement will benefit teams like the Phils, and they will attract some players attention, and may even...dare I say it...CONTEND!
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    Jeezus, if you hate the sport that much then just don't ******* watch it. Tearing down others doesn't build you up, you ******* prick.
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    That poster had a well chosen name, which he lived up to.

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