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Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by thrillis, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    so. who else is stuck in a cubicle/office, in front of a computer doing boring work all da ever day and wastes time on here.

    bring on the gibberish and senseless talk! lets go folks
  2. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Ooh! Ooh! That'd be me! I work in a cube's too much fun! I just can't be caught on the :D
  3. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    lol. ya, im in training to be a csr for bell mobility at the bell headoffice. not supposed to be doiing this during class time, but meh. im acing the course so far.
  4. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Congrats on the job with Bell! Hopefully, they'll allow you to move around a little bit. :D
  5. toros_00

    toros_00 Moderator

    Speaking of everybody excited to see the premier of the office (season 3)

    yay i cant wait for it =)
  6. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    no toros get out of the thread ou youngin. LOL j/p

    and ya, hopefully meathead. ill need the flexibility :p
  7. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Well-Known Member

    Stuck in the office

    Office manager for a radio station. Get paid to listen to the radio all day. Spanish radio. :rotfl:
  8. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    haha, i used to work in radio. i miss it so. i was working at a community radio station, so i pretty much did everyones job :rotfl:
  9. Ryan Coke

    Ryan Coke Member

    Yup, startin' my office day with the same old routine...

    Check the bank account online...still a million short of where I want to be.

    A quick evil sudoku.

    And here for my daily lax fix. Which of course is only one visit of many during the day :D
  10. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    ya, i find myself constantly refreshing this site. lol

    and sudoku, how i loathe thee. so much time wasted on those things, but they ARE addicting
  11. AmyTBF

    AmyTBF New Member

    Our nazi like IST dept bans various webpages but lucky for me the bastards haven't stumbled upon this one yet.

    (Disclaimer - in no way did I mean to imply that IST techs are Nazis ;) )
  12. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    hahaha. its great here, you think the bell canada head office would have all sorts of sites band from being accessed, but nope. the allow us to do anything we like on our breaks, including downloading poker sites to play online poker during lunch. i love it
  13. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    I have TWO offices, both in cude farms.

    We have a net blocker that eliminates shopping, porn,etc, but lets you get to sports and email in 5 minute segments. Supposedly you can use up to 45 min a day, but I never top 20. This makes one's goofing off very efficient.
  14. buxlaxref

    buxlaxref New Member

    My co worker all she does is complain about her cube

    wheres dilber t when you need him
  15. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    The worst has got to be when mamagement shuffles the deck and moves everyon for no good reason. I've worked for two directors over the 17 years in our complex (Nov makes 20 overall). I have had the same desk for the last 7 years under one director. In the ten years under the previous one, I had 11 different desks over two floors, although my functional work group never changed.
  16. buxlaxref

    buxlaxref New Member

    Dont feel bad I work for people who say teamwork is working by yourself

    anythingyou say is wrong. They also said "Those with disabilties should not be working...they will find a way to fire them there are ways around the ADA act."
  17. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    ^^^god damn. that pisses me off. id deffinately have no problem reporting that kind of an *******.
  18. Dazz

    Dazz New Member

    Nothing like unlimited Internet....

    I have to laugh - I don't work for a telecom carrier, but I do work for a telecom and networking company. Great thing about working in a small office is that we don't have the same restrictions as some larger there's no Internet filtering over on this end. What's also great is that I sit in the last cube in the corner, so I can hear when anyone is coming and turn off anything that I don't want them to see. And, since most of the stuff I do is Internet-based, I can practically mask anything that I'm looking up behind another window (IMHO, web broswers that allow multiple tabs are the coolest thing..... :rotfl: )

    Just my $.02....

  19. AmyTBF

    AmyTBF New Member

    Its all good unless they try to take my red stapler.

    Long live Milton.
  20. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Joining the NLLMB Dilbert Crew

    Another cubicle survivor, working in a cubicle built for two, I am fortunate enough not to share my workspace, but unfortunate that I need the space for my files as I'm afflicted with multiple-boss syndrome (MBS). That's the industrial disease where you work for three different CEOs, Chairs or Directors, who each assume you work FT for them - and ignore the fact that your deadlines and project priorities are affected by the other two.

    It's like being locked in a garden shed with a wolverine, a lynx and a rabid raccoon. :D

    In my position, I'm always brushing shoulders with "very senior managers" from two industry sectors, government and academia :eek: . I then end up doing the dumb, grunt work they need for their next project, event, funding request or trade mission. And being a "power user", I'm stuck doing websites and fixing people's PC problems.

    TG for the NLLMB! Keeps me sane during the day - I can read postings by normal people LOL.
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