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Discussion in 'Other Lacrosse' started by Andrew GEA, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Andrew GEA

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  2. Andrew GEA

    Andrew GEA Guest

    Ten week schedule, 1 all star game, 2 week for playoffs. Here the cities that I think the PLL will go to.

    1, Washington DC
    2, Baltimore
    3, Boston
    4, NYC
    5, Philly
    6, Seattle
    7, Denver
    8, LA
    9, Portland OR
    10, Huston

    All-star, LA
    Play off week 1, Dallas
    Play off week 2, NYC
  3. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    When are the team identities going to be announced? Has there been any further talk of a PLL/NLL merger? I know the Chesapeake Bayhawk manager was flirting with the idea almost immediately after the new league was announced.
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  4. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    it's an upstart lacrosse league. In my experience, it's a minor miracle if they actually move further than announcing teams that never play a game.....
  5. Andrew GEA

    Andrew GEA Guest

    Their website just says team names this winter... So before March lol

    In terms of a merger I'd say that won't be for 3 years when one of the leagues are too weak from competition
  6. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    Curious to what you mean by merger

    2 different games, a completely different breed of player 85% of the pll
  7. IAmDroot

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    Based on him dropping the Bayhawks, I think it was a typo and he meant to put PLL/MLL not NLL
  8. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    Yeah, typo, sorry
  9. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    Things have seemed pretty quiet on the PLL side lately. An announcement of city finalists? C'mon. Give me teams.
  10. Andrew GEA

    Andrew GEA Guest

    At this point they have 4 full months until their first games. With the time it takes to for the players to play well with each other and coaches to come up with game plans I would assume the teams have already been made.

    They might still be hung up logo/uni designs... I have noticed on Instagram Paul rabil has been using white and yellow gloves lately don't know if that means anything or not.
  11. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    White, yellow and black seem to be the colors of the league.

  12. Rottenrocker

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    I hope the PLL makes Vancouver a regular stop. Watching pro lacrosse in B.C. Place would be awesome.

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