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Discussion in 'Fann Cup Forum' started by Haftalax, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    Hey Folks;

    I wanted to have one place where people could write directly to the Terrigino Family (the owners of the Stock Exchange), John, Nikki and their kids with their thanks and Kudos.

    Here by the way are the final tallies from the weekend:

    $1100 donated by the Terrigino Family to the Fann Cup on top of the countless food and beverages the committee enjoyed throughout the planning process.

    27 cases of beer
    13 cases of liquor
    15 kegs of beer

    John's sleep total from Thursday evening until Sunday evening
    7.25 hours

    The Krew walked into the Stock Exchange last October looking for a new Pre-Game Party spot as Sneaky Pete's had just closed their doors. John sat down with me and said "What will it take to get your parties?" I said "Drink specials, food specials and a flat screen TV on that pillar right there." Since that point, the Stock Exchange has hosted every pre-game party for the Knighthawks Krew (they are not normally open on the weekend), opened up for roadtrip viewing parties and even stayed way late for postgame parties after Knighthawks games. Add to that now that they were the ones when they heard of the Fann Cup that said, "We will do whatever it takes to make this happen, we love lacrosse fans." Here is a direct quote from the staff this weekend "By far the rowdiest, most fun, polite and courteous bunch of drunks we've ever welcomed to the Stock Exchange."

    I hereby propose that every Fann Cup team send a Certificate saying "Official Welcome to our Lacrosse Family" to the Stock Exchange as they truly took the Fann Cup spirit and made sure all of us had the best time they could legally offer. Haha

    Now, it's your chance. I will print out this thread and make copies for each member of their family and their staff and give it to them along with a plaque thanking them for the 2008 Fann Cup.

    Knabber da had a leftover plate of food yesterday that John prepared for me Saturday Night when he saw that I had not gone up to the buffet because I was taking care of some last minute items. Delicious as all hell even two days later.
  2. whipperrocks

    whipperrocks New Member

    Stock exchange & Staff

    Had a great time in Rochester For Fann Cup and at this time would like to thank Stock exchange owner and there staff.

    Roadies enjoyed there time at your establishment

    Win or Lose, We Drink the Booze

    Food was excellent Especially the pork at the reception

    Will enjoy partying there in the future during NLL season as I did once last season

    Thanks for supporting Fann Cup in 2008

    Whip # 29
  3. Dr. A.

    Dr. A. New Member

    They did a tremendous job on everything. Hats off to them for throwing a great party. Food was great, and the place was big enough to hold us, but not so big where we couldn't all mingle and get to know more people.

    And everytime you saw the "Stock Exchange guys" they always had a smile on their face like they truly enjoyed what they were doing.
  4. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    To EVERYONE at the Stock Exchange

    Awesome job guys! Friday was good, Saturday night was great and Sunday morning rocked as well. You guys took great care of us and it was much appreciated.
  5. JoeWings

    JoeWings Active Member

    When they said the Stock Exchange for the party, I thought... No way everyone is going to fit.

    To the owners and staff of the Stock Exchange, I'll never doubt you again. Great job. Absolutely top notch!
  6. torrrock

    torrrock New Member

    I had a great time there during the NLL season and an even better time this past weekend

    Every staff member I talked to at the Stock Exchange was great ... what amazing staff!

    See you again in January(ish)
  7. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    John and Family and the Stock Exchange staff

    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! You made Fann Cup 2008 one to remember. The professional staff, the FANTASTIC FOOD..especially the wings!! Along with the banquet on Saturday night. Looking forward to seeing you and the staff again when the Wings visit Rochester this upcoming season.

    Again Thank You!!!


    John and the rest of the Stock Exchange are the NEW honorary captains of all Fann Cup Teams!!!!
  8. BanditsRed

    BanditsRed New Member

    Definitely a major highlight of the weekend, I said it before (and I've worked enough to know) I couldn't believe the food was sooo good at a banquet!!! I worked at a high-end restaurant where the banquet food was ok, but nothing to write home about, you guys at Stock went above and beyond as far as I'm concerned, both with quality & quantity of food as well as with your staff. You guys were great all weekend and you worked your arses off, you deserve a huge credit for making the weekend as great as it was!! Thanks again and for certain you guys are officially in the lax family!!! Hahahaha to late to escape now!!!! :eek: :D
  9. FixThis

    FixThis New Member

    Now I have my pre-game meal spot for the season!!
  10. Waborita

    Waborita New Member

    Great job, Stock Exchange! And more memories to be made. See you during lax season....
  11. trooper

    trooper New Member

    The Stock Exchange Rocks!!!!

    I loved the food I had there last season and I REALLY loved the food at the banquet. The pork and corn were mouth watering. I had to help myself to a second serving. I don't usually do that.

    Great friendly staff and great food... what else can one ask for?

    Job well done!

    I'll definately be back during the 2009 season.
  12. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Huge "Thank You!"s to the Stock Exchange! What a wonderful venue for the party!

    My only beef: No EPA at the post game party...apparently they ran out? There was still Blue and Blue Light, but no EPA on tap. Other than that, WOW! :D
  13. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member

    A big THANKS! to The Stock Exchange

    It was a great place to meet up with everyone and party afterwords.... the banquet area was creative and the bar had great atmosphere!
  14. gctales

    gctales New Member

    While I did not stay as late as many of my fellow Fann Cuppers (anti-inflamatories + muscle relaxants + alcohol :drunk:= Nappy time for Glen ) I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

    The food was excellent... I was a little worried when I saw Rocco and Tom drooling when we walked in.. but you guys had plenty. :eek:

    Welcome to the Fann Cup and NLL Family - When I go back to Rochester (Whether during the season or on business), I will make sure to make a stop there.

  15. WingsPhanatic107

    WingsPhanatic107 New Member

    When there are hot wings around that means trouble!!!:D

    My where referring to the banquet on Saturday night...

    I did do some damage..... 1 salad plate, macaroni salad....1 plate with (2 pieces of chicken, roasted potatoes,pulled pork, 2 slices of bread, then the second trip was 1 full plate of the pulled pork or beef. by the time I finished eating, my stomach was doing ...OW..OW....OW.. :)
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  16. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    Hey, I was very good that night. One dinner plate + one for salad. And I followed Roc. :eek:
  17. Phatsyde

    Phatsyde New Member

    THANK YOU STOCK EXCHANGE!!! The food was great, staff was nice. I know I'll be stopping in for all my Pre/ Post Games when I'm in Rochester.
  18. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member

    To John and the fine staff of the Stock Exchange;
    On behalf of the entire Brigade team we just cant say thank you enough. 1st class service top to bottom from friday to sunday. No better place to have held this years festivities. Being so close to the hotel was a huge bonus as well. We'll be sure to see ya's this winter!
  19. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    Kudos!!! To come in on a Sunday morning just for us after a long Saturday night was above and beyond. And Saturday seemed to go off effortlessly. Thanks again for everything.

    (aka the guy who had an identity crisis and needed all those nametags)
  20. mightymouth

    mightymouth Active Member

    And yet still could not remember who he was!!!!:doh:

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