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Orlando Box Lacrosse

Discussion in 'Orlando Titans Forum' started by MCO Titans, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Barber Park will be resurfacing the floor of the rink for the next few weeks so there will not be any pick up box until they re-open the rink. :cry:

    Check out the Facebook page for the latest updates.
  2. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Alternate location found for March 31st.

    XL Soccer World
    825 Courtland St
    Orlando, Fl 32804

    3pm to 5pm.

    Air Conditioning and inside!

    $10 per person for 2 hours of play.
  3. Figboot2001

    Figboot2001 New Member

    Field was really small. Place was nice besides that. On a personal note... I was mega terrible. First time playing in like 7 months. I've been on break due to my hockey games. It was good to be back though.
  4. laxorlbox

    laxorlbox Banned

    Chewy, You did fine!! Yah, the place is small, but I'd rather be there than Barber!!
    One thing, you are probably not going to score from 25 yards out! I know I'm not Vino but, those aren't going to cut it!! LOL!!
  5. MCO Titans

    MCO Titans Banned

    Are we running every Saturday now?
  6. laxorlbox

    laxorlbox Banned

    For know I believe that is the plan!!!
  7. Figboot2001

    Figboot2001 New Member

    Yeah, heres the issue. I see an opening that leads right to the net, for a second I think to myself that I should make a dash for the net. Then I think about being fat/slow and that theres no way I could get there with the ball. So, I just end up taking the shot. Once I get back to the swing of things the shots might at least be on goal.

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