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Discussion in 'Plaid Platoon Forum' started by mrut321, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. mrut321

    mrut321 New Member

    Good or bad? how do you think our team is doing? Inside lacrosse ranked us, the team thet made the finlas, at 2nd to last. But i think we are doing much better than that. As of this posting we were 2-3 and ranked 7th overall. What our you thought on our seasnon do far.
  2. Phread

    Phread New Member

    Look at our "goals for / goals against" ratio.

    Its over one.
  3. mrut321

    mrut321 New Member

    we are ranked 4 in the nll insider power rrankings
  4. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    I think this season is going great. Even if the loss column has a bigger number than the win column. Our boys are going out and playing hard. It is not like they are hitting the turf flat footed for the games. They are not 'losing' the games, they other team is just scoring more. I am proud of our guys if they play hard no matter the score.
    So no matter the season record, I think they are doing great.
    And DISH, what the heck did he do during the off season? That boy is kickin' *** this season. Maybe a bit of coaching from Mr.Eliuk?

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