Overpay for Brett Mydske?

Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by chuckster, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Now with the knowledge that there's three new teams coming next year, any guys they would have taken with those picks would likely have been taken in next year's expansion draft anyways. And also with that knowkedge, teams are going to be less and less likely to want to sell future picks.

    Remember that Cornwall and Dilks aren't permanently gone. They're taking one year off. The guys I mentioned aren't completely equal, but they'll do fine for one year. Reinholdt filled in for Corbeil during the 2017 playoffs and did just fine.

    Also remember that the Rush still have the #5 pick this year and can either fill a hole with that or build for the future depending on what Buffalo ends up doing with #3 and #4.

    We also live in a salary cap world. There's no way that the Rush could have just signed Mydske back. Period. The only option was trade. Either they trade now for him and pay a bit of a premium in picks which they had an excess, or San Diego puts the franchise tag on him and trades him back to the Rush after that. In scenario 1, they pay more now but get the flexibility to sign him to a deal that is within their cap. In scenario 2, they're forced to take on a franchise level contract which could hinder their ability to re-sign other guys or hit the free agent market.
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    That's pretty fallacious reasoning. If the Rush don't lose the two players taken with 1st round picks, they'll lose 2 other players instead. What if they lose, say, Knight or Dinsdale? Having more assets in the baskets is never a bad idea. Also, do you really think that San Diego was going to franchise tag him? No defenseman has ever been franchise tagged, and Mydske, while still a great player, is no longer the player he was 2 or 3 years ago. They picked him with the intention of getting two 1st round picks.
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    The Seals flat out told him he'd be franchised if he didn't sign.


    Tell me who would be willing to part with future picks for picks now? Vancouver, Toronto, Colorado and New England are already very low on future picks of an equivalent value. Georgia and Calgary both have an insane amount of high level picks already this year. Buffalo already has #3 and #4 this year. So your only options other than this would be Rochester and Philly. Not likely that Philly is going to part with picks when they need to build. So that leaves one potential buyer - Rochester - who has the same issue the Rush have in protecting guys for the next round of expansion. They'll need their future picks as bad as the Rush will.

    Of course we can armchair GM all we want, but Keenan was also quoted as saying he didn't see a Mydske level defender being available at 10 or 11. And he'd know better than any of us.


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