Philadelphia Union to have 17 games on national television

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  1. arenazone

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    That's not even including the ones that WPVI will be showing.

    The MLS finally announced the schedule for the 2010 season, and the first half is going to be a beast for the Union.

    As was previously announced, the Union will have their inaugural match against Seattle on March 25h. They’ll then have their home debut, at Lincoln Financial Field, on April 10th against D.C. United.

    After that home match, 7 of the next 8 matches will be on the road, with a match up against F.C. Dallas on May 15th at the Linc sprinkled in there.

    The team won’t play it’s first match in his new stadium until June 27th, against Seattle. The stadium just won’t be ready in time, forcing the Union to be a team without a home for the first half of the season.

    You can view the entire schedule on the Union’s website here.

    In a somewhat surprising move, 17 of the Union’s games will be nationally televised. Five of those will be on a Spanish language network, but they will also be shown on local television, which is WPVI here in the Philadelphia area. It’s odd to see an expansion team get so much national exposure, but with all the noise the fans in Philly have been making, it would be crazy for television networks to ignore this market.

    As Union President Tom Veit said, “June 27th isn’t my birthday, but it’s going to feel like it.” I’ll be right there in Section 137 with the Sons of Ben in the inaugural match at the Union’s home field. I can’t wait.
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  3. AmericanRockFan

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    What a well thought out post.
  4. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks. Yours was good too.
  5. PhillySoldier

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    Wow more tv coverage then the NLL theres a surprise
  6. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    more money then the NLL
  7. WingsfaninMA

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    Doing what the NLL needs to do if they want to be mainstream. They've lost close to a half of a billion dollars in MLS, but now many of the teams are profitable, and the expansion teams hit the ground running with stadium sponsors (PPL for the Union, if you didn't see it ... the nickname for the building is likely to be 'The Lighthouse'), jersey sponsors, and media exposure.
  8. swami24

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    the Print and TV media have been obviously bought, based on their coverage of this endeavor.

    Yeah that's harsh but prove me wrong.

    Frankly, freedom of the press has been horribly abused
  9. WingsfaninMA

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    LOL are as bad as George. Accept it or not, but MLS is a major league in the United States right now, with ratings equal to or surpassing the NHL in many ways. The Union will pass the Sixers fairly quickly to be the 4th most popular team in Philly.

    2,000 people at a pre draft party. Over 200 at the MLS Cup in Houston before the team ever existed. Their own stadium, with a major sponsor. In one contract, they made $20M, numbers the Wings can only dream of.

    Jungite aut Perite!
  10. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member for the fan club, with is actually organized as a 503c(3) company to support charitable work.
  11. swami24

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    Nothing there denies the purchase of media
  12. WingsfaninMA

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    Media doesn't have to be purchased when there is real interest in the product. The most watched network channel in Philadelphia and one of top network channels in the nation doesn't wouldn't buy the rights to broadcast a team that was going to hurt them.
  13. WingsfaninMA

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    Facebook Fans:

    Philadelphia Phillies: 297,095
    Philadelphia Eagles: 191,659
    Philadelphia Flyers: 99,985
    Philadelphia 76ers: 19,276
    Philadelphia Union: 15,555
    Philadelphia Wings: 1,837

    Union haven't even played a preseason game yet, and already well on the way to passing the Sixers.
  14. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Well I guess as much as I dislike soccer it sounds like it's going to be successful. I'd never root for a local team to fail even if I don't like the sport. Plus where I live, we had the Reading Rage for years and they just changed their name and colors to match the Union and I guess are now some sort of official farm them. Not sure how that works in soccer. Is it like baseball? If I had to pick, I'd rather have a soccer team then a WNBA team. I'll just hop on the wagon when that first trophy comes to town. :cool:
  15. Hollywood42

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    once they shift to Chester the philly media will drop them like it never existed
  16. PUNCH ME

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    I don't know man. The new stadium is looking pretty sweet. You dont even need to go into Chester to get there. A road is being built straight from 95 and one from the bridge into the stadium. So that's safe. Its a nice water front property.
  17. Wings-4-Life

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    It does look sweet. I'll definitely be suffering through at least one game to see this place.
  18. WingsfaninMA

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    No, it's not like baseball. It's more of a marketing partnership, and the Union will encourage young players they draft to play with Reading. MLS also has a 'discovery' process, where a team can sign a player that wasn't drafted, so they may have some additional rights there, but that I'm not sure of.
  19. WingsPhanatic107

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    as far as those #' to see the age ranges if possible of the facebook fans. we all know that there is soccer played throughout the area non-stop thru the calendar year by kids. compare the cost of the other sports for kids to play and soccer is one if not the cheapest.
  20. WingsfaninMA

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    Facebook doesn't give those out, but you have to be 13 to sign up for facebook iirc.

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