Philadelphia Union to have 17 games on national television

Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by arenazone, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Tell the Wings to spend millions to market the team in the media, even more millions to get the games on the most watched network station in the region, and get the Wings fan club to bring 2,000 to the draft, and I bet the Wings get articles too.
  2. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    So like Isaid, the coverage is bought behind the scene
  3. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Not behind the scene? They pay for ads, they pay to get on TV for coverage, just like everyone else has to until they are mainstream sports.
  4. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    other then the draft the media has since said nothing of the Union
    and without this message board i probably wouldnt know they existed so its not like they are getting the 5:05 spot on the 5:00 action news
  5. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Like G said, they've been pretty extensively covered in the papers, though. It is the start of their training camp, and one of their players was called up for USMNT duty in a friendly vs El Salvador, so it's been active.
  6. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Wings paid for TV time, pay for ads, but don't get the coverage.... There is obviously politiking and palms being greased.
  7. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Oh, I missed the Wings putting 20+ games on network TV in HD. my bad.
  8. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    oh maybe in philly local papers

    i live in another land

    my paper only gives the flyers a quarter page write up sometimes

    AC Press

    i mostly get HS sports coverage

    and i dont go out of my way to buy the Daily News or Inquire
  9. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Yup, that's what money and payoffs will buy you.
  10. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Or being a sport millions of people care about.
  11. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    is soccer, an sports that million of people actually care about?

    I find it tad bit boring.

    I havent gone to real MLS game since 2001. And what kind of name is that - Red Bulls New York?

    I know, it was name after the Red Bulls energy drink but still...

    Who name the team as Toronto FC or FC Dallas?

  12. BCD

    BCD New Member

    The new stadium built, the commercials aired, the undue sports coverage allocated, the authentic team gear bought and worn, the giant foam finger the end, it is still going to amount to soccer...hoopla exhausted...some son in the stands looking to his old man asking, "Um, now what?"

    Well, kiddo, now you get to spend hours watching men with perms roll around faking injuries.

    Good luck with that.
  13. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Yet has failed in Philly and many other cities across the US...just like the NLL
  14. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    MLS hasn't failed in any cities in over a decade, and the only two that folded were in Florida, which we all know is barely worth mentioning.

    And yes, people care about soccer. More people watched last years US/Mexico World Cup Qualifier (10.7M) than watched Game 1 of the 2008 World Series (10.1M).
  15. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Oh, and the Union now have a header link on sports' section.
  16. BCD

    BCD New Member

    Until INS showed up at halftime and the audience dropped to 1.7MM.

    IOW - Pitch me an honest estimate of the % of the viewers watching the US team vs. the Mexican team.


    We are not the world, children.
  17. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    OK, that's why the Union are going to sell out of season tickets, and the Wings had to close the upper deck.
  18. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    well the 10.6 million illegal mexicans living in the american tv market had to watch it somehow
  19. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Pretty sure they would have watched in Spanish, which isn't likely in ESPN's rating numbers.
  20. Mtn_Scott

    Mtn_Scott Active Member

    I am sure the SAP (second audio program, Spanish) is included in ESPN's numbers. That being said, Soccer in the United states is infinitely more popular than Lacrosse, people need to accept that. There is nothing wrong with it, watching Soccers growth in this country should give us hope, not make us reflect on what we do not have.

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