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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by jstraw80, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. jstraw80

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    Hi guys and gals,
    With Philly getting a team again and myself probably getting season tix again, i think i want to start my 7 year old in lacrosse. He'll be my game day buddy.

    He's an awesome football player & all around athlete and since lacrosse is a late winter/spring sport, it works well with football, which is fall/early winter.

    I have two Gait lacrosse sticks, is that too big for him to start with? They dont see that big, but then again he's a little dude.

    Some info is appreciated!
  2. RockStar

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    I think they sell youth heads, but, I've never seen a point to that. Full size head with a cut down shaft works fine.

    For length, check rules for minimums. Adults are 40" (butt end to top of head) I think U12 box players are allowed 32" , but, if a coach ever called for a measurement on a 7 year old, I'd give him a titanium comb-over with my own stick :) Never happens.

    Short is better for a novice. Just get the boy to hold the stick at the throat, arm extended, and mark where the shaft touches his shoulder blade. Can zip-cut with a cutter disk on an angle grinder if you have it. Hacksaw works if you don't. Grind off the burrs, and ram the rubber stopper back on the end.

    If you don't have the stopper, clamp a beer bottle cap on the end, and make a nice ball with hockey tape over the beer cap.
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  3. swami24

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    He's 7... so a root beer cap would be better:cool:
  4. jstraw80

    jstraw80 Active Member

    Thanks! Looking into all of this.

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