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  1. Hello all, we are coming up for the Bandits game on March 25th. Right now, we have reservations at Dinosaur BBQ before the game but wondering if there are any other places to grab a bite to eat, and possibly a nice pint? We are looking at anything within a five mile walk. We know legends is around the corner at the Radisson but would like to see if anything else is around the area.

  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. no worries, I saw your thread and my first thought was "I think someone made a list a couple years ago"
  4. The Exchange looks pretty cool. We came for a Bandits game a couple years ago and had a drink at that same location, i think it was called Nathaniels or something like that. This new place looks MUCH better than the old place. Any information on it? Good food?
  5. Yes, it was Nathaniel's which wasn't that pleasing to the eye. I remember walking from the parking garage to exchange street, i think it was a 5 minute walk. The new place looks like a big upgrade on what was there.
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    I have not had their food, but the bar is definitely much better than Nathaniels, the food does look better as well. If that's the kind of place you're looking for, I'd also check out Drifters which is under the Hilton hotel on Main St, or The Vesper which is over closer to Dino BBQ.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. We just want a place to get some food and possibly a drink or two before the game since we will have a few hours to kill. I will look into Drifters and the other place.
  8. Drifters looks awesome, and it is about a 10 minute walk from the arena and parking garage we will park at. Is this a newer place? How is the food?

    I assume it's a safe area to walk to?
  9. oh yeah, that part of Rochester is fine, you wont have any problems on the south side or in the downtown business area (where the arena and most of the restaurants are). just stay inside the inner loop and your set.
  10. UncleBenny

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    Food is good, I've eaten there a couple times. Slightly newer, they just redid that entire building and hotel, probably been open a year or maybe a little longer? Totally safe to walk around there as well, so I wouldn't worry about that.
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    Haven't been to THE Exchange yet, but STOCK Exchange is always a good move before Hawks games. Most of the fans will be there. Dinosaur is definitely the best food you're gonna get but probably doesn't have the same pregame lax atmosphere as the Stock.
  12. Got it. Sounds good.
  13. Drifters looks very good, and we might go there for a drink and food. We have reservations at Dinosaur BBQ for 4:30 but I think we might do Drifters or The Exchange. I love the rustic feel.
  14. Isn't the stock exchange further away from the arena?
  15. We went to Nathaniels a few years ago and it wasn't anything special, then walked to the BBQ for a drink and Legends. It is nice to know there are some other quality places to grab a drink and food before the LAX games.
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    The Stock Exchange is about the same distance north of the arena as the Exchange is south of the arena. probably the same walk.. especially since the entrance is on the north west corner of the building.
  17. Is this place usually busy before lacrosse games? Any Bandits fans make it here or all Hawks fans?
  18. The Stock Exchange looks worn down, or am I wrong? It seems like a cafeteria style setting.
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    It's ok inside stock exchange, it basically is cafe style . You stand in line order your food then take it to the register
    Full bar and it is where you will find mostly knighthawks fans but everyone is welcome

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