Places To Eat Near The Hangar??

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by Canadan, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    I just know of Badali's. Can anyone else make any suggestions? Places that won't break the bank.

  2. goddessoflax

    goddessoflax Active Member

    The Texas Armadillo..."big" food...great burgers, nachos, pretty good steak and excellant appetizers
  3. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    I strongly recommend C'est What! It's at Front & Church, so just a short walk from the ACC. And the food is yummy too! I've never had a bad meal there.

    Here's a link to their dinner menu:

  4. LoudFan

    LoudFan New Member

    The Loose Moose i think its called in the basement of the same set of buildings by Badalli's....good beer, bar food
  5. AP

    AP New Member

    You're all off

    By far, the best food anywhere in that area is at the HotHouse Cafe.

    Front and Church, NE corner.

    Not expensive, you can get smaller portions if you want, and everything on the menu is incredible.
  6. nemder

    nemder New Member

    How bout

    The Spaghetti Factory. Great food and lots of free stuff. Just around the corner off of Wellington I believe.
  7. RockFinn

    RockFinn New Member

    My personal fav, the two sausage vendors outside Union Station. Never fail to disappoint before that long sleepy subway ride to Finch.... :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Dan, I would make my way to Front/University and just start walking west. Your choices are wide and varied.
  8. TheRockMan

    TheRockMan Active Member

    If your looking for a good burger and fries harveys will just fine for my oppion!:D

    And I would agree with Rockfinn those hotdog venders sell nice dogs! Yummy!!:rotfl:
  9. trooper

    trooper New Member

    Good to know especially since my sis and I have had a change of plans and are now flying in instead of driving. :D So we will have sight-seeing time. Wonder if I can get her to eat lunch from a sidewalk hotdog vendor? hmmmmmmm ;)
  10. joe rockhead

    joe rockhead New Member

    queen & Spadina street meat

    If you are going for street meat venture up to Queen & Spadina. I find these guys better then out front of Union Station. They are second best though.

  11. Paul_Gait_RULZ

    Paul_Gait_RULZ New Member

    RockFinn, man you're too much, I logged on about to post the same damn thing, the Mcdick's @ union and the street meat before I go home after many game brews, I get the old sausage and off to masters lax I go @ the rinx near yorkdale....LOL,.... serious's a winning formula, I find money is best spent on the brews rather than shitty ACC food....LOL!!!!!!!

    Canadan, where are you guys planning on eating fri night????

    before the game or after????

    My college program will be at the royal bank annual investors meeting at the convention centre, I was hoping to meet up with some lax fans for brew and food before the game down there.....

    Anyone have anything planned like last game this friday????

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    the spaghetti factory is on the esplinade not wellington

    there is also one on 3rd ave s.w. here in calgary for

    when you come out here and see the rock at the saddledome
  13. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    Re: Re: Places To Eat Near The Hangar??

    There is a suprisingly good cafe/bar in Union Station to get a sandwich and a couple of drinks - can;t remember the name though. Also - You could kill two birds with one stone (who ever came up with that anyway?) and eat in the cafe in the CN tower. Hopefully they have a 2 for 1 deal to up the tower ($36 canadian for 2). The cafe is after you get off the elevator. Prices not too bad with the exchange rate, great view of the city, plenty of beer and alcohol to choose from, and THEY HAVE PARROT BAY!!! :drunk: :drunk: 'Nuf said.
  14. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    It's the Front Street Bar and Grill. Good food and fairly reasonable. Though I also agree with Finn about the outside vendors.
  15. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    Re: Re: Places To Eat Near The Hangar??

    I know most of the eateries in the downtown, just not in that area. I should be ashamed of myself, being born and raised in Toronto. *Bows head in shame*. Thanks for all the ideas. The street vendors are excellent!! I've never had an bad dog or sausage ever. I highly recommend The Tulip Steakhouse on Queen E. just before Coxwell. 24oz t-bone or Porterhouse for $24.95. SUCKS IF YOU'RE A VEGAN!

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  16. Paul_Gait_RULZ

    Paul_Gait_RULZ New Member

    CANADAN, call out the roadies people and check out the other thread, let's get a lax fan gather @ a pub before the game???!!!??
  17. RockFinn

    RockFinn New Member

    There is a regular pregame spot

    PGR, a bunch of lax addicts get together regularly at the Overdraught pub(below Badali's) before the games. I shant be there this Friday as I am missing the game but a few of my good friends shall be there to discuss the merits of Rock lacrosse. Any time after 5:30pm.
  18. Paul_Gait_RULZ

    Paul_Gait_RULZ New Member

    Sounds delectable, I will probably make the my

    Ok, so everone, after 5:30-ish, know what i'm sayin' (j-roc)
  19. torrrock

    torrrock New Member

    I'll be there ...

    but a slight correction
    "know what i'm sayin' (j-roc)"

    It's actually nomesayin'? :)
  20. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Jeez how many of these places even still exist?? I'm going to some place called School on Saturday morning to meet a friend for brunch. I'm looking forward to checking it out, even if it involves riding the TTC for the first time ever.

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