playing at princeton prepare you for pro?

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    you were the most obvious potential nll forwards i saw back in the ncaa's. it wasn't about size or strength but smarts. it takes a player with a coach's brain to mentally change his focus 100%. was there anything you learned under bill tierney, considering bill was exposed to pro box back in the '70's nll, that you applied to your nll career?
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    Great question!

    Offensively we ran a lot of two-man games, whether it was behind, up-top, or inside. As any box fan knows, the pick-and-roll game is the staple of indoor lacrosse and any successful player must know how to properly execute this aspect of the game. While we might not have run specific drills that were indoor-oriented, I think having a firm grasp on this concept helped me tremendously.

    On top of that, I think that Princeton as an institution does a tremendous job of preparing its student-athletes for life. Coming out of school, I felt confident pursuing any endeavor that interested me and used this approach when I started playing box lacrosse.

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