Playoff Tailgate Party!

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by Lucky13, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member

    Hey Rock Fans!

    The Toronto Sun is throwing The Rock a tailgate party before our playoff game on April 29th!!

    (just scroll down on the main page)

    Get in on the action and get in the mood for victory
    at a Toronto Rock Tailgate Party, sponsored by the Toronto Sun.
    Join us outside the Air Canada Centre from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
    for live entertainment, ticket and merchandise giveaways,
    food and refreshments and more.

    Let's show our support!!! GO ROCK GO!!!
  2. 9SQUIRE3

    9SQUIRE3 Active Member

    when i saw that on the rock website i put absoluty no thought what-so-ever into my decision to attend :D

  3. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    I will be contacting the Sun to make sure they spell the banner correctly.

    Alright Roadies;

    Get on out to the ACC on Friday Night.

    I know the Krew will be "Rolling" into town to take on your boys. Not a jinx, just some confidence in my boys here.

    I would like the banner to read "Welcome 2005 Eastern Division Champion Rochester Knighthawks" :eek:

    Knabber da already asked for the 29th off in anticipation of coming to Toronto to watch my Knighthawks
  4. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Let's do it!

    Hey everyone:

    Let's get together there before the game. What a great way to kick of a playoff game.

    See ya there Lucky and squirefan!

  5. 9SQUIRE3

    9SQUIRE3 Active Member

    i want to meet everybody seeing as i havent had the chance as of yet
    hmmmm how can this be done at the tailgate party
    any ideas?
  6. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Squire numbers

    Everyone will be issued a Squirefan number, everyone is to line up quietly and without beers. Once you have met this fine upstanding member of the lacrosse community you may proceed to your desired beverage.

    Please note: as a supportive member of the Rock Fan Community I will be sure to consume any beverage you may be missing while in line. :rotfl:

    Okay seriously, let's set up a message board corner. How about the corner inside the tailgate compound that is closest to the ACC doors?

  7. 9SQUIRE3

    9SQUIRE3 Active Member

    i think everyone in line should bring the beers with them and give them to thats a plan :drunk:
  8. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Les's Fund to be at the Tailgate.

    Hey everyone the Rock just asked me if we could have a table at the tailgate.

    This can be the official Message Board Rondezvous point!

    The answer is yes and we are ONLY going to have the blue Princess Margaret Hospital "Livestronge" style bands ( 1 bracelet for $3 or 2 for $5) and the Lisa's Beads Rock player number collector bracelets ($20.00 each) there. If you would like a specific number please email us by Wednesday April 27th.

    I also hope to have on display the #50 Shanahan Rock Jersey signed by Brendan and Brian on display. This is the jersey Brendan wore in practice and will be available on after the game.

    100% of the money raised will got to the Princess Maragaret Hospital Foundation for Cancer Research. Unlike the the yellow "Livestronge" bands where the money after everyone gets there cut goes to the states for cancer research. Not that I have anything against US cancer research it's nice to support effort in our own city. Les's Fund has always held the idea that the money raised in each city stays in each city to help the community.

    If anyone would like to help out at the tailgate for the 2 hours before the game please pm me. We will only have a table at the tailgate party so all can enjoy the game.

    See ya there.
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  9. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member

    I can't concentrate at work...
    I keep fighting the urge to run around the halls here to scream...
    GO ROCK GO!!!

    Okay, I want to meet everyone too.
    I will be the short hyper one next to our Squirefan. haha..
    Seriously though, I will be at the table with Jare.

    GO ROCK GO!!!!
  10. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Ah, the good old days.... Too bad there will be no one outside in the Rock Garden watching the game on the video board outside the Air Canada Centre tomorrow :(
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  11. smurf666

    smurf666 Guest

    you are in charge of herding ~38000 jays spectators East on Bremner to Rock n Roll Heaven, AKA Maple Leaf Square/Jurassic Park.

    those who cannot score tickets to the ACC can pack the square and Real Sports
  12. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I really hope Real Sports has sufficient Wifi to broadcast the game on NLLTV on their big screen....

    Rock and Roll Heaven is a pretty swell name. It certainly trumps my idea to call in Rock Garden and install a **** load of sand around the Spotlight statue and encourage fans to rake sweet designs around them all zen like.

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