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    Absolutely and Buque almost won the Mann Cup this year and looked like the Bandits were getting the next "best thing" from his summer numbers. The only option and way to go right now is improving the defence. Finding more skill and size. As mentioned that alone should reduce the goals per game by a goal or 2.

    We have 3 quality goalies (quality as second tier behind a Ward, Poulin or Vinc) who at any day can get the job done. I am sure one will be gone in the dispersal. Let the other 2 battle for a starting position throughout the year. I would like to see more of a "Mike Keenan" approach to it though. Pulling one struggling more quickly and/or sticking with one who is winning but after a loos or being pulled to start the other the following game. There was many nights that Buque struggled and Higgins came in and played well but Buque started the next game. We went back to him too often. That's not to say Higgins would have won or done better but his chances came too late.

    Start the season as no starter identified and challenge one of them to fully earn it - if neither cant then its draft time, seek free agent, huge trade or deal with a .500 team who hopefully steals games in the playoffs

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