Questions for Coach Keenan Tonight

Discussion in 'Anaheim Storm Forum' started by StormFan, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    Thought it might be fun to come up with some questions to ask the coach tonight at the buffet. I'm afraid these are a bit cynical.

    How about:
    Damien Davis seems to be very good at watching the others play and cheering them on. Any plans to have him do it from the bench rather than on the playing floor?

    Coach, do you have any plans to combine Matt Roiks good periods into single games rather than stretching them over multiple games?

    This for management: How much should season seat holders from Southern California budget for travel to next year's home games?

    Can you give us some idea what you have in mind as to which of the many empty seats are "good seats" that you referred to when you put on the website there "were still good seats left at the remaining home games?"

    For those of you who are die hard positivists, it's all in fun, relax.

    See what else you can come up with. Maybe one of us might even have the nerve to ask :p
  2. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    Forgot one

    Coach, are there any plans to find out how our guys do in a game where they win most of the faceoffs?


    See y'all tonight! Squash the Bugs!
    207 A 5/6
  3. StormFan

    StormFan New Member

    Storm management - experts on SPIN!

    Interesting article on the Storm website. They highlight the fact that Jones is the third highest in the league at winning face offs. That is in terms of actual faceoffs won. They fail to note, however, that the storm has the second lowest faceoff winning percentage of the NLL. In other words, while most teams have a variety of players doing faceoffs, and winning more of their faceoffs than the Storm, Jones, by being virtually the only faceoff guy for the Storm, happened to win enough faceoffs to get up to number three on the list. In spite of having one of the lowest faceoff win percentages in the league. :mad:

    The lack of wins on the faceoff category had a lot to do with opposing teams getting more O time against our guys and, in close games, beating them.

    Jones has got to go.
  4. Chilehead

    Chilehead New Member

    I, for one, wouldn't mind to see Jonesy back in a Rock uniform taking all the face-offs ! :)
  5. Jimbo

    Jimbo New Member

    Regardless of where this franchise ends up next year (and hopefully the locals will realize that they have a good thing going), full props to Keenan & his crew for helping the Storm turn the corner. With a few more Whitby recruits, this team is a legit. playoff contender (and who ever thought we'd be saying that about this franchise?)

    So Cal fans, these guys have earned your support!
  6. Niagra Ned

    Niagra Ned Member

    Good job raiding Vancouver of a few players who helped out and depth from preseason trading.
    Kuddo's for this staff trying to erase the "Brady" experiment.
  7. wildshot

    wildshot New Member

  8. wildshot

    wildshot New Member

    Brady brought in with trades and drafts the following players; Casey Powell, Scott Stewart, Ryan Powell, Rich Morgan, Chad Wittman, Chris Seller, Cam Bergman, Matt Roik, Damien Davis. Not a bad nucleus for the crew that Derek put together.
    Derek certainly improved the team with heady picks from Vancouver and a strong coaching and motivational job.
    You have consistently distorted Brady's efforts but his coaching time with a much version of the storm still had him with 6 wins and 13 losses.
    You seem to like downgrading him but as you are from his area maybe you have a special grudge against him. Anyway he is gone and Derek is now the "man".
    I know he appreciates the nucleus mentioned above and his improvements will make this team good.
  9. Niagra Ned

    Niagra Ned Member

    Wildshot, I am a Jim Brady fan, he has been around since the beginning of time.
    And what you mention is a good nucleus of players, just not from the resouces Jim had to start with or over the course of THREE years.
    His coaching record came when he was able to play other expansion teams whereas Keenan didn't have the same luxury, or any meaningful draft picks when he took over. AND if Vancouver didn't fold Dereks season may have been a long tough road too.
    Jim has put many hours into the game and served it well. Some of his coach and free agent selections were a waste of time and it put this team 2 years behind the pace it should have been on.
    The collection of players he did assemble have won some big games over the last 4 years unfortunately they have lost a boatload more.

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