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    Any pre game/ game day superstitions? Who ties your sticks? Are your sticks tuned up for each game? or do you leave well enough alone until it starts to under perform?
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    FYI - I only moved this to a new thread to keep the questions in separate threads - thanks for the questions!
  3. Ryan Boyle

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    I used to be much more superstitious, especially in High School and College, than I am now. I used to have to wear the same clothes, eat at the same restaurant, etc. After playing in thousands of games, I think I have now convinced myself that your on-field performance actually determines who wins the game.

    That being said, I still have some pre-game mannerisms that some may call abnormal, but I consider them to be part of my "routine" instead of superstitious.

    I always take the bed closest to the door at the hotel. Matt Alrich always takes the far one.

    I take a pre-game shower at the arena.

    I chew gum during games. One piece for the first half and one for the second half. Trident Splash peppermint is flavor of choice.

    As far as my sticks go, I have had several guys string them up over the years- Lawson Grumbine, Eric Martin, Matt Zash, Jimmy Butler. I take care of them but I'm not super protective like some guys in the league.
  4. Ryan Boyle

    Ryan Boyle Orlando Titans

    Oh, I guess I do have one weird thing.

    I don't wear socks for games.

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