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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by MILLwasbetter, Jul 10, 2018.

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    I never knew what this arch outside of the crease was for. Finally decided to ask. Why is it used in the summer leagues and at the Rock practice facility but not in the NLL? Can anyone help me out here?

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    Commonly called the House.
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  5. RockStar

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    i think in lower levels of minor, you cannot crosscheck off ball outside of here.

    used to be used in masters as well, but that rule got scrapped a few years back
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  6. Andrew GEA

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    Some minor leagues that arch for shooting distance... Aparently shooting outside it raises injury risk because shots will be too hard
  7. RockStar

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    So, they have to be inside the line to shoot???? Seems a bit odd - Kid can only throw a ball so hard, so it kind of doesn't matter if they are 23' or 26' away.....if there is enough time and space for a full windup, they'll take it.

    Doesn't make sense to me - at the ages/levels where someone might think they need to overprotect kids from being hit by a shot........they're not strong enough/polished enough to crank shots to the "serious pain" levels.

    Anyway, Masters used to have it so you could not shoot over or around a defender if you were outside of the arc. You had to have a full stick length worth of clearance to either side, and a clear view of the net. The idea there was to stop guys from whipping hard shots through a crowd. Shooting through a crowd from outside was loss of possession, hitting someone was a minor penalty.

    This was a stupid and painful set of rules to administer because you had to watch the shooters stick, multiple bodies and too many sets of feet to ever be able to call it consistently, and, I don't think the rulebook ever spelled it out well enough to stand up in court......every player and every ref had a slightly different interpretation.

    They finally just shitcanned this stupidity - you can now shoot from anywhere and through anyone, but, if you hit a player who is not standing inside the goal crease, it's a non-releasable double minor. Puts all the onus on the shooter to not be a d¡ck or an idiot, and, easier for a ref to deal with, so, fewer whistles, less yelling and complaining and more lacrosse.
  8. No , the arc is there in minor lacrosse to establish the "defensive zone" where defending players can Cross check the opposing offensive players even if they do not have the ball,

    Where can you (legally) cross check a non ball carrier?
    Bantam, Midget Int/Jr/Sr: anywhere inside the restraining line.
    Pewee + below: inside of the half circle, dotted 24' line

    as per Rule 40 in the CLA rule book:
    Rule 40.PNG
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    yeah, that's what i thought for minor.

    never heard of any rule for where a player can shoot from in minor
  10. Wings-4-Life

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    Just Fann Cup. ;)

    I know we've used that line for a "dangerous shot rule" in Fann before.

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