Rabil's impact on the NLL CBA

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by CrocodileLax, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. CrocodileLax

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  2. chuckster

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    I guess there's the question of if Rabil's league takes off, would he expand to a winter box league to compete with the NLL?
  3. CrocodileLax

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    If I had my druthers someone (not Rabil) would open a hybrid box/field league where teams play both forms of the sport in a season. But since that ain't happening soon, I wonder if Rabil protects his investment by insisting players do not risk injury by playing in the NLL or CLA.
  4. AmericanRockFan

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    Do you mean where organizations have two teams? So for example, you'd have the Toronto Rock indoor team who plays at ScotiaBank Arena and you'd also have the Toronto Rock outdoor team who plays at BMO Field? Cause I'd be down for a setup like that.
  5. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    That's exactly what I mean.
  6. mtbf

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    It was explored in the mid 2000's fan surveys most showed zero cross support indoor fans do not want to watching outdoor and the outdoor fans do not want to watch indoor. Indoor fans tend to be more in love with the show than the sport and there is no show in outdoors. Field fans are mostly put off by all the extras including the extra violence.
  7. AmericanRockFan

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    I'm not surprised to hear that. I've always had the vibe that there's not a ton of crossover between the fan bases, or if there is it's similar to my style (I love indoor, but have a passing and casual interest in outdoor). I think that outdoor attracts the more white collar fanbase, while indoor attracts the more blue collar fanbase as well.
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  8. RockStar

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    it's all in what you grow up with.

    Someone who grew up with field sports, including lacrosse, might find the stuff that happens within a walled rink to be distasteful.

    personally, i have a much, much much closer association to 70s and 80s ice hockey than to field lacrosse, so, the stuff that happens in box just seems like Tuesday evening...
  9. AmericanRockFan

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    Same for me. I grew up with indoor lacrosse, and when we were learning to play lacrosse in gym class in 9th grade, the teacher was explaining midfielders, defenders, and attackers and I asked her something like "what version of lacrosse is this??" because I didn't realize how much field lacrosse differed from box. Needless to say, the teacher didn't appreciate the violence I brought to her indoor version of field lacrosse over the next 2-3 weeks :p
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  10. liveone

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    I grew up in Syracuse in the 90's when field lacrosse was blowing up. We had heard of of box lacrosse, but there was a stigma attached to it that it wasn't "real lacrosse." People there still think that way despite some amazing indoor being played 20 minutes away on the reservation.

    Now living in SE CT, the Black Wolves have been a huge boost to local field lacrosse. The youth league I coach has seen player registrations increase 75% in the last 4 years and many surrounding towns have seen similar increases. Unfortunately, there is a not insignificant number of parents and coaches that think the only difference between box and field is the size and number of players. Every year we see 12 year olds tearing ass out on the field cross checking, hitting off ball, and diving the crease because they or their untrained coaches think they're playing the same game they see at Mohegan Sun.

    Anyway, I must be the exception because I love both indoor and outdoor, but I also see them at similar but different sports.
  11. mtbf

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    In the 2000's the NLL felt that cities with strong minor league hockey backing would be the best fit for teams.
  12. Andrew GEA

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    I always found it funny that field players (mostly u.s) like to believe that they are so similar to football. Add any contact to the sport and they freak out.
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  13. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I dunno.

    You take fewer overall lumps in field, but, it is rough in different ways........like, taking a smack across the hands with a pole wielded by a sturdy defender.

    or being measured while chasing a ground ball and suffering an open field hit that recalls Scott Stevens shaving 20 or so IQ points off Lindros.

    To me, field laX is OK, but, I can only get really excited about it if a team is wearing national colours. I would have never been more than a game or two per summer guy if there was still MLL in Toronto
  14. swami24

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    I have tried, but even after watching indoor for 30 years, the outdoor game bores me.

    Hey didnt someone ask us to restart this arguement?
  15. AmericanRockFan

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    I saw someone say that “box rules and lacrosse drools.” When Rochester had an MLL team, I went to 3 games. For 3 different reasons, in chronological order of why I went:
    1) There was a crazy beer sale and my friend wanted to go.
    2) I was really bored and had no other plans that night.
    3) Tom Schreiber was playing for the other team and I needed to get his autograph.
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