Rabil's Premiere Lacrosse League

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by liveone, Sep 25, 2018.

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    I replied to this thread on behalf of Hollywood42.
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    You heard what I said
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  4. Hollywood42

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    This is about as good an idea of the nll outdoor idea by Jennings

    Rabil is a moron to think this has a shot
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    "Unlike traditional sports leagues, where each team is based in a particular city, the PLL will implement a tour-based model whereby teams will travel to a particular city at the same time and play a series of games on Saturday and Sunday. Such a model keeps teams from having to negotiate what are sometimes costly venue agreements."

    How expensive is it to rent college and high school lacrosse fields? Is a travel league where everyone travels and there's no hometown team really going to work?

    "The Raine Group’s advisory clients include UFC, DC United, Fanatics, Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and the Texas Rangers. The firm is an investor in DraftKings."

    There is some serious money behind this. If there is one thing Rabil knows how to do it's to sell stuff.

    I could see this going a year or two and then one of the outdoor leagues proposing a merger with the other. If the salaries really do increase enough and the NLL ups their salaries (like they likely will have to do with the CBA), maybe some players will make enough money to not have to get other jobs.
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    Doesn’t Big3 basketball follow a similar touring model?
  7. RockStar

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    their potential market is half of the MLL's fan base......this will work without a doubt.
  8. Unless they get some kind of broadcast deal, I don't see how this will work. Six Teams, with let's say 20 man rosters plus coaches, that's going to be a hefty travel bill. How many of these "full time" players would like to jet-set across the country all summer. First year, guys will enjoy it, after that I don't know.

    My guess is they will travel around the country the first year to see what cities will support a team, or somehow get MLL to merge with them. MLL teams keep announcing players they are signing for 2-3 year deals. I am assuming there is some kind of penalty if they break the contract & move to PLL.

    While the sport of Lacrosse keeps growing, I hope this doesn't dilute the product.

    With all that being said, if they come to my area, I will definitely go.
  9. TofuBomb

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    I don't like the idea of teams not having any sort of geographic affiliation, but MLL probably needs to be shaken up a bit.
  10. chuckster

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    I'll be interested to see if the PLL will play in cities where there is already an MLL team or if they are going to avoid those cities.
  11. Andrew GEA

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    I have been thinking about this alot and it makes sense once you understand Paul rabil's business outside of the MLL.

    1, If you follow his vlogs you'll know that he is very influenced by the WWE

    2, he (and other MLL talent) has been running rabil tour for a few year .

    The WWE (and other prize fighting company's such as UFC, raine's business affiliate) is a traveling company. Rabil tour is also a traveling company that attracts a large amount of participants.

    If rabil brings the PLL to a city a bunch of families will go and watch lax all weekend, and then the kids will participate in a training camp/ skills clinic similar to rabil tour for a couple days afterwords.

    They do this all summer then train in the off-season and potentially play In the NLL.

    In the short term it should be a huge success, for long term development they should have a base of operations (like UFC in Vegas) in some lacrosse hotbed.

    I think eventually each team will have a home but the league will still operate under a model where they all travel to one location and play over the weekend.
  12. liveone

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    Having zero financial stake in this makes me very interested. I've been thinking about it all afternoon, and if anything it is a pretty unique idea. It seems destined for failure, but it may be crazy enough to actually work and it's not like the MLL has been in anything but a slow death spiral for a few years now.

    I've seen more than a few rumbling on Twitter this afternoon that very few (<50) MLL players have signed to return next season. If that's true and the majority of players leave, it could be the final nail in their coffin.
  13. swami24

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    I am thinking that the odds of this place actually existing, is right up there with the number of jackalopes running around out west
  14. dougm

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    barnstorming. players will be competing for endorsement deals rather than team championship trophies.
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    Attendance will be MLL-esque without the 4th of July bump.
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    Is there an MLL specific forum out there? Before this news broke, I kind of wanted to learn a bit more about the league.
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    There's the MLL sub forum on this site, but not many people use it. The regular inside lacrosse site has it's own its field forum but it's mostly for individual advise
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    **** RABIL.
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  19. Andrew GEA

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    Since Paul rabil has not made any announcements regarding the PLL, I believe he is waiting for his lizards contract to run up in late February.

    Just makes you think how much is being planned behind the scenes. The PLL will start in June which is a little over 7 months from now !
  20. swami24

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    Or not.

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