Rabil's Premiere Lacrosse League

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    It is out of the box, but not hard to see succeeding. The best lacrosse players in the world come to town for a weekend of games. You buy tickets to see them. They are going to cities that care about lacrosse, not cities that have a high school venue for their pro team to call home. I can see it working if lax fans want to see the best lax players play. It will be an event every where it goes. Hopefully.

    At the very least, it's different. What the MLL does clearly does not work.
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    It's a unique idea bolstered by TV coverage that may generate more momentum than some predict. I'm wondering if the model does well early on precisely because it's different but tapers off as novelty declines? Or if fans decide it's a pain in the ass to spend hours on end at a single sporting event and stay away from the get go? Yes they could show up for a particular game and leave but that creates empty seats and makes the day feel like less of an event. It's an interesting experiment, whatever happens.
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    The MLL ran into trouble starting their season in mid-April. Some guys were still playing in the NLL mode and fans didn't want to sit out in the cold in Eastern cities to watch lacrosse. Their sweet spot is June-August. And the league office issues they've had certainly hasn't helped their cause.

    I looked at Rabil's list and he does have some notable names there but not the biggest ones - Rob Pannell and the Thompsons. I still see these 2 leagues merging at some point but it will be interesting to see on what terms.
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