Rangers/Knicks are MOVING!!!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by RockyNY, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    This is no joke, As much as I hate Dolan, this is the last thing I have in my mind, when it came to this. Im quite shocked at this article from NEW YORK TIMES.

    NY Rangers and NY Knicks are being forced to move out of MSG and they have 10 years to find new location. The reason why Im shocked at this news is because they just put down nearly 1 Billuon Dollars in MSG renovation and now being told by the City that they have to move out.

    Dont even think if they win Nassau Coliseum bid, that would be good enough. I think they will find new location but it HAS TO BE IN MANHATTAN but where???


  2. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    moving to brooklyn by then the islanders will have folded
  3. Hittrain

    Hittrain New Member

    Staying in Manhattan

    If MSG is forced to ultimately move, there are a number of viable options in Manhattan. I don't think they'd move to Nassau; the issue will be who wants to work with Dolan to build the new MSG.

    As a city council move, there will be lost of revisiting of this issue. My understanding is that the Council was pretty pissed that Dolan thought it was a given he'd be given at least 15 years; if not an indefinitve lease.

  4. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Well, if MSG does move (and that seems likely), then the Rangers and Knicks will need temporary homes until a new Garden is built. If MSG wins the bid for the new Coliseum, you'd have to expect that those teams will go there. If MSG loses that bid, which I doubt they will, then they'd probably play in NJ for awhile.

    I don't know where in Manhattan should be located a new Garden though.
  5. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Is the area where they wanted to build the West Side Stadium still available?
  6. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    i dont think the Rangers playing in NJ would go over too well
    considering the Devils have their logos engraved on the top of the toilet flusher
    (i may or maynot of pissed on it on purpose )

    unless of course you meant the izod center which i forgot existed
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  7. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    West Side Stadium

    Seems ideal to me.

    On this map are:
    A: Madison Square Garden / Penn Station
    B: Proposed West Side Stadium Location (40.754749 N, 74.004082 W)
    C: Port Authority Bus Terminal
    D: Grand Central Terminal

    Yeah, that seems like a very good location. Maybe that's why the Dolans opposed the Jets building a stadium there. I can't say I blame them - 1) they have to protect themselves from not owning the real estate where Penn Station is and 2) the Jets don't need a stadium and the taxpayers don't need to fund one; it's a waste as both the Jets and Giants can adequately share (and have done so for almost 40 years).

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  8. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    As I stated in the beginning, its quite shock to me. Not because I hate Dolan, thats different issue here, but I just dont get it.

    If you read NY Times article, it was voted by Christine Quinn. Shes running for NYC Mayor and Im not voing for her because of several reasons.

    1) She blocked Jets from moving to Manhattan
    2) Even I hate Dolan, she did THIS!!!

    Now, we know MLS granted NYCFC an expansion team and is in need for new stadium, if she get voted as Mayor, she will block the new soccer stadium. Im lead to believe she will also block new MSG.

    Yes, I understand that we need brand new Penn Station, thats fine, but there is way to work around MSG and not tell them to get out.

    And, even shes Democrats, Im Democrats also, so she aint getting vote from me.

    Hittrain mentioned several options in Manhattan. He could be right. The way I was thinking, they could build arena in West Side that Dolan blocked for Jets in 2005. Thats one of the option. He can take over Jatvis Conference Center and renovate it into arena.

    Dolan also own Radio City Music Hall so thats another option for Dolan to do major renovation and turn THAT into sports arena.

    Nassau Coliseum is one option if Dolan win the bid but aint happening AT ALL. Nassau County Govt gave them hard time. They even give Frak Boulton, the owner of LI Ducks, hard time, when he want to build stadium in Nassau County. Thats why he took it to Suffolk. Dolan's company, Cablevision, run its HQ in Bethpage, Nassau/Suffolk borderline, and he know what kind of issue that Nassau County Government are.

    At the end, MSG will move somewhere in Manhattan but WHERE is question? Jatvis Center, Radio City Music Hall, West Side...

    Did you know, in 2005, when Jets wanted to move to West Side, they did ask Dolan to join them to build West Side Sports Complex so he can move his MSG there. Dolan said NO, another example of how hes NOT WILLING to work with others (and Jets are willing to do it so). Guess Dolan's decision to say NO has BACKFIRE on him, or didnt, if he choose that location to move MSG several blocks away from current site of MSG.

  9. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    The point of announcing it now is to start the planning and building of a new stadium

    the irony is that if they were to choose the Mausoleum site and build a new stadium there, the Rangers would STILL be the only team that mattered in the NYC region.
  10. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    The issue will be NIMBY people that wont nor understand the reason why MSG is being forced to move.

    It may take 10 years. It may not. If they find land and start planning it, remember that NIMBY may challenge it via legal action and prevent this.

    Then whos the NYC Mayor then? If its Christine Quinn, then its gonna be LONGER than 10 years since she voted against Jets and Nets. But the Nets thing, she was overruled. For Jets thing, she got away with it.

    NYC also need new soccer stadium for NYCFC and I dont think she ll approve it also. She cant be elected as Mayor and I ll make sure of it because IM NOT VOTING FOR HER come in November. NO WAY!!!

  11. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Be honest, Roy. How chaffed is your member right now?
  12. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Drew - I wake up this morning to this news. Quite a shock when you asked me.

    I thought that Dolan doing billion dollars renovation at MSG and Islanders getting all settle down in Brooklyn would be end of it. Oh yes, NYCFC and Cosmos in need for new stadium, and that would be it.

    Now, this - a new arena for Knicks and Rangers. I mean, come on, Drew, how expensive it would be to build new arena for them? How much money do you think Dolan will ask?

    Barclays Center cost 1 billion dollars
    new Yankee Stadium cost 1.3 billion dollars
    Citi Field cost nearly 900 million dollars (Im getting different number of 868, 875 or 898).

    Now this... geez, like H42 say, where will the city is gonna get all those money from? Are they going to go knocking on Bill Gates door for it?

  13. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    They'll make it happen, even if they have to move business and raze buildings. Philly was able to build two stadiums.. NYC can handle this one.
  14. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    I love what Philly did. I think its neat how the indoor arena, football stadium, and baseball stadium are all in the same place. I'd advocate that for any city that has the real estate and wherewithal to do it.

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  15. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    The Wachovia Center was built on the site of the old Municipal/JFK football bowl stadium (seating 102,000), which was built in the 1920's i think.
    The spectrum was at the end of the Wach, that side of Pattision, and the Vet was on the other side, all three lined up.

    The Linc and Citzen's bank were built (obviously) while the Vet was still there. Land and businesses (mostly distribution center warehouses) were purchased. Relocationg those businesses was part of the plan.

    Assuming they still stand, NYc should take some of those bombed out empty proctects high rises near the GW bridge, and build there.
  16. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Yes they can, after long legal battle and countless lawsuit filed by NIMBY people. Remember, they will use Dolan's track record in their favor.

    Dolan bullying people around NYC doesnt help him. In fact, it hurt him MORE

  17. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Thats what Jets want in 2005 when they asked Dolan to join him and make it West Side Sports Complex. If he had say YES, he would have saved a lot of money. But hes bully and like to get things done in his way, he said NO. He doesnt work well with others.

    Now, if he had say yes and work with Jets, MSG would be in 5th location in brand new arena with Jets. And this would be non-issue. Due to his stubborn, he put his team on thin ice not knowing where they will go. Will he go to West Side area? Its possible or not. No one know what he want to do. If he choose this site, can he find someone to work with him? Everyone know his repution and will use that against him, including NIMBY people who may file countless lawsuit to prevent new MSG from happening.

    It had happened in Brooklyn and it CAN happen in Manhattan

  18. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    You may meant Jatvis Center. They are located at 11th Ave and 34th St. MSG is located at 32/33 St and 7/8th Ave. Thats about 3-5 blocks walk. The area around Jatvis Center is really nothing going on. Its conference center thats best used for car show and comic book show.

    The city and MTA is building brand new train line (7 line) and is due to open in June 2014, I think. With that service going from Queens to Jatvis Center instead of stopping at Times Square, thats where the 7 line will stop. Thats one place that MSG could use. Its close to West Side highway so parking is fine. Theres train line opening soon (7 line) so people that come from Penn Station can use one of three bus lines to go there as bus make the final stop there.

    But the big issue is this, can MSG overcome massive NIMBY groups who manage to block Jets and Cosmos from going there? Will they use Dolan's track record to their advantage and explain how he treated people? I have explain to ya what he has done. They can use that to go against him.

    And that is truthful actual facts. You cant compare him to Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner may be rutless owner but he doesnt treat fans like that. Dolan do.

  19. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the Javits Center? Because Where TF is the Jatvis Center???? :confused:
  20. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    and due to rambling recurrent rocky themes..this is another thread I will no longer visit.

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