Ravens don't make it for 2008

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    National Lacrosse League Press Release
    July 20, 2007

    Vancouver Ravens will not rejoin National Lacrosse League for 2008 season

    The National Lacrosse League has announced that the Vancouver Ravens franchise will not be reinstated for the 2008 season. A proposed ownership group led by former NFL and NBA executive Bob Whitsitt, received conditional approval for reinstatement on June 19th. The group had 30 days in which to meet a series of terms and conditions set forth by the league's Board of Governors for reinstatement.
    All of the conditions required by the league could not be met in time for the club to be reinstated. The conditions were to be satisfied by July 19 in order for the club to begin play for the 2008 season. Vancouver last played in the league during the 2004 season.
    The 2008 NLL season will consist of fourteen member clubs. The expansion Boston franchise joins the other thirteen returning member clubs that will play in the upcoming season.
    Media: Any further questions from media on this matter can be directed to the applicant, Bob Whitsitt at 425-453-0773 or bob@whitsittenterprises.com.

    Doug Fritts
    Vice President of Communications
    National Lacrosse League
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    Has there been any official reaction from the ownership group? Will they keep working on getting in for 2009?

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